CPVTTF: Chapter-24 Arc2 (Part-2)


Ling Chu Nan looked at the system and said, “If this task failed because of your negligence, then can I complain that it was due to the negligent behavior of the system?”

098 got scared and hurriedly said, “Host, the system is sorry. This will never happen in the future.”

The system added, “The system assures you 098 will behave more responsibly in the future.”.

“You don’t have to be so scared. I have just asked you randomly.”

While comforting the system, Ling Chu Nan asked, “What is the complaint procedure for this type of case?”


The system was unwilling to talk about it.

After a while, Ling Chu Nan said, “I feel like making a complaint is a little ludicrous. How could you complain to mission space if an error was made in a task world? If the mission is failed, isn’t there already a death penalty.”

After being in a fear of being complained, 098 had become a little dumb.

Before Ling Chu Nan, maybe no one had ever thought of complaining against the system.

The system handling the complaint related to this was called ‘The Manager’. 

If there was any successful complaint regarding any system, the system would be cleaned and destroyed completely.

Knowing the effect of a complaint being made, the system 098 got scared after listening to the Ling Chu Nan. 

If Ling Chu Nan complained, 098 would be obliterated.

Moreover, the system thought the grounds of the complaint were reasonable.

What kind of grievances the host had with the system?

“Don’t be afraid, we have a good relationship. I will not complain about your negligence for the time being.”

098 was focused not on the ‘don’t be afraid’ section on the ‘for the time being’ section.

The system felt a bit of a cold inexplicably.

“Baby, you should get up and eat.” Chu Yun Ge’s voice suddenly sounded from the door.

Ling Chu Nan looked at Yun Ge and said, “My back is aching.”

The white well-defined muscles of Ling Chu Nan’s arms were filled with purple-green marks.

Chu Yun Ge’s eyes darkened after looking at the marks, he sat in the bed and reached out to hug Chu Nan in his arms, and with a hoarse voice said, “I will massage it.”

Using the right strength, Chu Yun Ge pressed Lin Chu Nan’s waist with his broad warm hands, but those hands were not honest.

Ling Chu Nan was pushed on the bed again. 

Ling Chu Nan turned over and he suddenly felt pain due to soreness in his waist. 

“I still have to finish the task.”

Without much emotion, 098 said, “You still remember you have a task to complete.” 

“You have already lost a couple of days because of this love game.”

Ling Chu Nan signed and said, “I know, I have to complete the task. You should trust your host’s professionalism.”

“And you shouldn’t blame me. You should blame the enemy. Look at my body, can you think I will win over him?” 

“If you don’t leave this bed, you won’t be able to get out till next week.”

With some distress, Ling Chu Nan said, “You don’t know. How was it because of the bed? Didn’t we do the deed in the living room, kitchen balcony?”

“His stamina is certainly very good.”

098 couldn’t comment, “…”

Ling Chu Nan was finally able to leave the bed on the eighth day. 

Firstly, he called the crew that he would join them in two days and then called the male lead.

A moment later, a man’s voice answered, “Hello, who’s speaking?”

Only then Ling Chu Nan found, he had used Chu Yun Ge’s phone. 

The two mobile phones were of the same model, but why did Yun Ge have the same contacts as him?

Only thinking about it for a moment, Chu Nan answered, “Hello. Hi, Mr. Lin? I am Ling Chu Nan.”

 Lin Tian Hao wanted to slam the phone after listening to the other person’s voice. 

Although he didn’t go to create trouble with this person, it didn’t mean he was not angry.

After taking some deep breaths, he calmed down. He wanted to know what this person wanted to tell him? 

What was his reason to let him unnecessarily wait for six hours without any call or message?



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