CPVTTF: Chapter-24 Arc2 (Part-1)


Lin Tian Hao was dressed in a casual outfit while sitting in the restaurant continuously looking through his phone.

The time agreed to meet had long gone. He was feeling a little intolerant waiting here for the other party to come. But, remembering the other party’s face he waited.

As the only son in his family, since a young age, he was nurtured to become the president and take over the family. 

He had the ability and with the support of the senior management in the company, his position was safe.

This was the first time he waited for some.

Even though the other party was male, surrogacy was always an option.

Lin Tian Huo didn’t consider Ling Chu Nan’s opinion. He was the boss of Haotian Entertainment while the other party was just a small star. 

As the sky gradually darkened, Lin Tian Huo couldn’t wait anymore. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Sorry, this number cannot be reached…”

A cold computerized voice came through the phone.

The next morning, when Ling Chu Nan saw the hot search, he was shocked.

‘Who is the mysterious person for whom the President of Haotian Entertainment was waiting.’

‘The King of Entertainment industry was seen angry after being stranded upon.’

“Baby. Good Morning.” 

From behind Yun Ge hugged Lin Chu Nan and while kissing Chu Nan’s forehead and asked, “What are you watching, Baby?”

“Lin Tian Huo waited for me for almost five hours.” 

Lin Chu Nan looked at Chu Yun Ge and said, “I am feeling embarrassed now.”

After hearing Lin Tian Huo’s name, Chu Yun Ge who was still a little drowsy immediately woke up and said in a wronged tone, “Baby, you are concerned about him, I am feeling so sad.”

While looking at the person who had almost disrupted his plan, Ling Chu Nan could do nothing but stare at him.

Chu Yun Ge slowly muttered, “Baby, you have wronged me.”

Ling Chu Nan held the man’s lower part and said, “Then, I should go and date Lin Tian Huo.”

Chu Yun Ge quickly reversed the position and pressed him under his body and with scorching breath said, “No. Not allowed.”

With this, a new round of ‘fighting in the bed’ started.

Lin Chu Nan was finally able to wake up on the third day. 

“098, How did Yun Ge know about my recent appointment with Lin Tian Huo?”

The system knowingly answered, “There are things called surveillance and private investigators in this world.”

Lin Chu Nan questioned, “He had installed the surveillance camera in my house.” 

“Host, you are so slow and have no alertness. You should learn and practice well in the next world.” 098 seriously suggested.

“098, you are very cute.” Ling Chu Nan laughed and said, “I have already found those cameras on the first day he installed it. I have been an actor for over a decade. But, that man is seriously abnormal, he even installed the camera in the bathroom.”

Ling Chu Nan turned and said, “098, as my system wasn’t this your role to remind me of this kind of thing? What if someone wanted to harm me using the monitoring?

098 who thought it could win this round and preach its host was kicked down once again.



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