TIVYS: Chapter-9 (Part-2)


As the instructor left the classroom, the noise of surrounding discussions amplified instantly.

Everyone was noisily busy discussing the matter just now.

But Bai Muyu didn’t leave immediately. She fixedly looked at Shen Yu with a cold gaze, as if she would swallow her alive.

“I have underestimated you. You even learned to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger!!”

Bai Muyu angrily added, “Shen Yu, are you feeling very proud of yourself?! I am telling you, this will never end!!!”

Shen Yu sat back in her seat, and sincerely said, “As long as you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you.” 

Shen Yu simply hoped that these people would continue to ignore her and not bother her much after this lesson.


Bai Muyu still wanted to fight but was hurriedly stopped by her friends. 

Pulling Bai Muyu’s sleeves, one of her friends said, “Class is about to start, let’s go back to our seats first.”

Taking a deep look at Shen Yu, who was busy facing the tabletop in a daze, Bai Muyu angrily stomped her feet and unwillingly walked away with others.

“Don’t you think that Shen Yu behaved quite weirdly today?!” After returning to their designated seat, a girl unhappily said to Bai Muyu and the others, “She is getting more and more courageous!”

Others nodded and said, “No matter what we have said to her before, she would always keep her head down and didn’t respond to us.”

The other girl said, “Now, she even dared to make such a big commotion!”

Bai Muyu was very angry, in a fierce voice she loudly said, “I think she just wanted to die in my hands, someday I will definitely kill her.” 

The big group of bullies was humiliated so thoroughly in the public today, they would definitely retaliate and show her their might!

The crying girl who took the initiative to confess the crime today seemed to be intimidated, so she whispered, “Even a rabbit bite when it is cornered, maybe we did a bit too much today.”

As soon as the girl finished speaking, others rolled their eyes at her.

But after thinking for a while, the statement did make sense for today’s event.

It was estimated that anyone would suddenly erupt if they were pressed too hard. However, this explosive outburst of Shen Yu certainly shocked them all. 

Before today, Shen Yu had always been a well-behaved punching bag for others. Even if anyone said any bad things about her, she would silently bear it, but after today…

Except for Bai Muyu, other people in the class were more or less contemplating in their hearts. 

Maybe it was fine to make fun of Shen Yu for being ugly and fat. But today, placing a tag of the thief on her was a bit too much.

It was wrong to plant the fake stealing charge on her. But Bai Muyu hinted at it in the beginning, and others followed suit.

But looking at the angry expression on Bai Muyu’s face, she didn’t seem to feel that she was wrong today.

After returning to the mansion, Shen Yu started her busy bus-catching life again. 

Uncle Li suggested that she should take a car to go to the school. Anyway, there were many cars at home, and it was not hard to hire a driver to send her to school daily, but Shen Yu declined. 

The original body was used to taking the school bus, and there was no reason why Shen Yu should start enjoying the privilege of a private car as soon as she transmigrated here. 

Now that she has returned to Shen’s house,  and had to face that snake disease every day, it was better to keep a very low profile for survival.

After smashing down the house that she had rented, Shen Xiao looked like an okay person the next day.

As if the snake disease that had smashed down the house wasn’t him. 

When he was in a good mood, he would feed her various fruits and nuts, but he still liked to feed cherries the most. 

Shen Yu had never been able to understand his mindset. 

When she reached home, Uncle Li was working in the yard, digging the soil in the corner.

Uncle Li said that autumn was coming so he was going to grow some melons and vegetables, organically.

Shen Xiao didn’t mind these trivial matters, maybe the snake disease like him also needed some kind of family affections. 

After thinking like this, Shen Yu wasn’t much afraid of him, but she was still worried about my dark future. 

The Snake Essence villain didn’t end well in the book and as his family, there was no chance that she would be much better than him!

With the new addition to the family – a little dog, living in Shen’s house was still a lot of fun. 

The dog was silly and sticky to everyone, but it waa the stickiest to Shen Yu.

While Uncle Li was busy digging the soil, Shen Yu played with the dog’s tail. To prevent her from catching it, the dog turned circles around her. 

The little dog was really too stupid!

Seeing the dog’s stupid yet cute look, Shen Yu became happy, and the depressed mood that she encountered at school faded away. 

“The little thing has been at home for a few days, and I haven’t named it yet.” Shen Yu said to Uncle Li.

Because she was so entangled in the sad mood that she forgot to name the little thing.   

Suddenly Uncle Li said, “Master has already given it a name.”

Shen Yu curiously asked, “What is the litter thing called?!”

Uncle Li wiped the sweat and simply said, “Little Dog.”

Shen Yu, “…”

This name wasn’t so earthy?!

Although the name wasn’t good, the dog itself looked very cute, so it was okay to call it a ‘Little Dog’.



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