TIVYS: Chapter-9 (Part-1)


A Tiffany diamond necklace and a platinum emerald bracelet were lost at the same time in the class.

So, when the instructor received the call, his legs became soft, but he still hurried to the classroom.

In the classroom, Shen Yu and Bai Muyu were still facing each other squarely.

After listening to their words, the instructor understood the ins and outs of the matter and felt it was too difficult. 

Both sides sounded quite unreliable. 

Bai Muyu also felt guilty, from the beginning, she only planned to use that excuse to rectify Shen Yu, but she didn’t expect that Shen Yu would involve the instructor. 

Now even Bai Muyu didn’t know what to do and how to end it.

Shen Yu was still standing aside calmly. She even proactively told the instructor to search everyone present.

“Since nothing is clear, then search everyone’s body. I will be the first to participate.”

Everyone, “…”

Just now she looked like she would rather die than allow others to search her, and now she was taking the initiative to participate in this body search? 

What kind of method was this??

As Shen Yu stepped out and took the initiative to accept a body search, the others became stunned and shrank their necks one by one. 

Just now, everyone was standing against Shen Yu with an arrogant appearance to watch a drama, but now their arrogance disappeared without a trace.

Actually, Shen Yu was just scaring them, she knew that Bai Muyu would not dare to participate in the body search. 

Bai Muyu and her friends planned this ploy promptly after seeing her in the classroom, so they made adequate preparations. 

In other words, they didn’t have time to transfer the necklace out of this classroom. And that necklace was very expensive, so Bai Muyu would definitely not throw it away carelessly.

So, Shen Yu guessed, the necklace must still be on Bai Muyu or any of her friends. 

If they were to be searched in presence of the teacher, their plan would surely be revealed, and it would be embarrassing.

From this incident, what Shen Yu wanted was this effect.

It was time for the class to start, and more and more students were entering the classroom. 

Seeing the scene, everyone was whispering strangely.

Looking at countless inquiring eyes, one of Bai Muyu’s friends finally stood up. 

A little girl with tears in her eyes, whispered slowly to the instructor, “Teacher, I have Mu Yu’s necklace here with me. She said that she wanted to make a small joke with Shen Yu, so to tease her, we made a joke. I’m sorry! We just wanted to make a small prank!!” 

The girl spoke slowly at first and then broke down in tears creating a pitiful and innocent appearance.

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows playfully.

It looked, the facts were the same as she had guessed. The necklace was hidden on the girl’s body, but due to her friendship with Bai Muyu she had endured it at first but when the instructor and other classmates came, she couldn’t bear the pressure and spoke out.

Even the girl took the initiative to expose the truth, but she still tried to speak beautifully and sell pitifully in front of the class.

After the girl’s confession, Bai Muyu’s face turned dark, and she glanced back at the girl. Her gaze was full of blame, but in the end, she still didn’t refute it. 

This incident was exploded by Shen Yu, and it had totally exceeded her expectations, but Bai Muyu didn’t have the face to admit it.

But now that someone had taken the initiative to admit it, it was better.

Right now, Bai Muyu and her friends only wanted to calm things down and make small things smaller, but Shen Yu wasn’t in the mood to stop there.

For so many years, the original body was being bullied by them, and now letting them off so easily would be wrong.

If today’s incident happened with the original owner, then what would be the outcome?

Thinking of the possibility, her temper flared up again.

Shen Yu stepped forward and said, “This is a joke. Don’t you think this joke is a bit too big? If you were the one who was accused of stealing things, would you still think it was a prank?”

She slowly added, “It was a premeditated plan to frame me.”

The stunned young girl shook her head and her tears shed more fiercely, in the choked voice she said, “I didn’t do it. It’s none of my business.”

Bai Muyu frowned, and hurriedly stepped forward to control the situation. She gritted her teeth and asked, “Shen Yu, what do you want?” 

Shen Yu stared at her and said, “You just have to apologize to me, and everything is alright.” 

Bai Muyu wanted to pour dirty water on her head and then pretend that nothing had happened afterward. 

How could there be such a cheap thing in the world?

Bai Muyu wasn’t convinced, she said, “Did you too put an allegation on me that I have stolen your things? We are even!!”

Shen Yu playfully blinked her eyes, but it was hidden under the thick lenses. 

“Anyone with a discerning eye can see it. I did it to protect myself. For an impoverished person like me, where will I get an emerald platinum bracelet?”

Bai Muyu lost her cool and glared, “You…!!!”

The instructor raised his hand and peeked at his watch while saying, “I understand, Mu Yu, you made a mistake first. You can’t make such a joke. Now, apologize to Shen Yu.”

 Bai Muyu was unwilling to apologize to Shen Yu.

 “Teacher, she also accused me of stealing something just now. Doesn’t this also come under malicious accusation? Then why should I apologize to her??”

The instructor frowned, and said, “You started it, if you didn’t pick things up first then nothing would have happened.”

Bai Muyu pursed her mouth and her eyes watered as if she had been wronged but it was too late for her to sell miserably, and the apology was a must.

In front of the full class, Bai Muyu was forced to apologize to a person who she had always abused and disliked.  

The feeling was more uncomfortable than being grabbed and beheaded.

“Shen Yu, I am sorry, I shouldn’t have that joke with you.” 

After saying that, Bai Muyu felt a burning pain of embarrassment on her face as if she had been slapped countless times in front of the crowd.

Although she apologized, the hatred in her heart only increased by several times. 

Bai Muyu had always been a proud child, and this humiliation, she would keep account for a lifetime!!

Hearing the apology, Shen Yu nodded, and reluctantly accepted it. Her perfunctory attitude angered Bai Muyu more, she almost vomited blood.



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