TIVYS: Chapter-8 (Part-2)


Bai Muyu’s face looked distorted with anger, she angrily said, “You are a poor ghost. How can you have a platinum emerald bracelet?”

“The bracelet has three emeralds, the largest one is in the middle, it was a one-carat emerald. There is a letter engraved on its back. It was my mother’s jewelry. I usually wear it to school.” 

Shen Yu’s words were good, full of reason and confidence as if she really lost such an expensive bracelet.

But how could it be possible? Shen Yu was so poor! 

She always wore the same clothes and shoes throughout the year. She would never even change her hairstyle, she had been wearing the same hairstyle for two years. 

What kind of ploy was this? A person like her had a Platinum bracelet? And she had often worn that bracelet to school?

Bai Muyu’s face looked bad, she turned to look back at the person who was standing next to her. The other students were also dumbfounded.

They were all busy trying to remember when Shen Yu had worn such an expensive bracelet to school, but no one could remember it. 

Mainly because Shen Yu was like a little transparent person inside the school and no one had ever bothered to look at what she had worn. 

Who would remember if Shen Yu really had an expensive bracelet or not?

Seeing that no one came forward to help her, Bai Muyu became angrier and shouted, “Your bracelet is missing, what does it have to do with me? We are nowhere to search for my necklace!”

Bai Muyu’s angry words were equivalent to acknowledging the fact that Shen Yu did have that kind of expensive bracelet.  

Shen Yu used Bai Muyu’s words to accuse Bai Muyu.

“I was still wearing my bracelet, but when you walked over, my bracelet was gone. Let’s be fair and search each other’s bodies?”

Hearing it, Bai Muyu’s eyes widened and she shouted, “Shen Yu, are you looking for death? You dumb ghost wants to search me?!!”

“Do I need to steal your dumb things?!”

Shen Yu calmly looked at her and said, “You think I have stolen your things, then why can’t I think you have stolen my things?”

Bai Muyu became very anxious, she almost jumped on Shen Yu, and shouted, “I…”

Shen Yu didn’t wait for Bai Muyu to finish speaking, she interrupted her.

“If this is the case, then to be fair, let’s do a body search together.”

Bai Muyu, “…”

She just wanted to use an excuse to do a body search on Shen Yu to humiliate her in front of the whole class.  

Unexpectedly, the situation turned into her body search, Bai Muyu was dumbfounded.

For a while, Bai Muyu didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, she had many friends to provide her with foreign aid in time of need. Seeing that Bai Muyu was angry and speechless, several of her friends rushed to help her.

“Shen Yu, stop.”

“Don’t be too much.”

“Bai Muyu’s family is so rich, why would she take your things!”

Shen Yu raised her eyelids and stared at them, and after a moment said, “At the same time, two expensive things are missing. This is serious, and there may be more than two suspects.”

Shen Yu added, “Everyone present here should be suspected. Since a body search is required, we have to search everyone’s body together!!”

Everyone, “…”

Originally, everyone wanted to watch a good show without spending a penny, but they didn’t expect to become a suspect in the end. 

This Shen Yu was poisonous!!!

Before anyone could react, Shen Yu took out an old mobile phone from her pocket and dialed a number.

It was mobile that Uncle Li had lent her. Her mobile phone was smashed by Shen Xiao’s bodyguard when they thrashed her house.

While dialing the number, she said, “To ensure fairness throughout the process, it’s better to find a teacher to be a witness.” 

As soon as Shen Yu had finished speaking, the teacher’s phone was connected.

Shen Yu’s movement was fast, hence others couldn’t stop her, so they could only listen to her communicating with the teacher.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and told everyone, “Okay, the teacher will be here soon. Everyone just has to wait, and no one is allowed to leave this classroom!”

Bai Muyu, who was closest to her, gritted her teeth and stomped her feet.

Bai Muyu wished to rush over and bite her.

“Shen Yu, you are sick!!”

Shen Yu calmly looked at her and said, “Even if I am sick, you are the first to provoke me.”

Bai Muyu, “…”



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