TIVYS: Chapter-8 (Part-1)


Shen Yu recalled that when she first entered the classroom today, Bai Muyu and her friends were gathered together to talk.

At that time, their expressions and behavior were all normal, there wasn’t any panic or anxiety on anyone’s face.

It didn’t look like Bai Muyu had lost her necklace. 

But when sat down in her seat, they suddenly exclaimed that a necklace was missing, this was a move aimed at her.

Those people had nothing to do.

It was okay if they wanted to spend their time talking about their shopping and tours. What was the point of coming and bullying her?!

Was she so easy to bully?

Shen Yu became upset. 

She looked up at the others and said, “How can I steal it? I just came in and everyone has seen it.”

Bai Muyu folded her arms around her chest, raised her chin arrogantly, and said, “Everyone?” 

Then she amusedly looked around and asked, “Did you see that she just came in?”

Everyone shook their heads and said, “I don’t know when she came in.”

Shen Yu, “…”

If the original body was here, how would she have reacted? Let those people bully her, bear the charge of stealing, and finally be cast aside by everyone?

Was she in this class to entertain these people??

It didn’t matter if she was bullied by Shen Xiao at home, but why would she be bullied by others in the school?!

Thinking of it, Shen Yu felt an intense fire in her heart. As a person from a different world, she just wanted to live in a quiet environment where she could concentrate on studying and improve herself.

Even if others spoke coldly, treated her maliciously, isolated her, laughed at her, she could tolerate it. She wasn’t familiar with them, so just didn’t want to pay attention to them.

But now that those people viciously attacked her character and tried to hurt her self-esteem, she couldn’t just sit still and continue to swallow her rage.

Even rabbits would bite people when they were cornered, let alone her. 

While looking up at Bai Muyu’s pretentious behavior, Shen Yu also stood up. 

Shen Yu was half a head taller than Bai Muyu, and with her plus-size body, when she stood up, her aura instantly magnified. 

“You said that I had stolen it, then where is the evidence?” Shen Yu asked.

Shen Yu thought she had to clearly express her attitude, otherwise, Bai Muyu and others would daily frame her for stealing things, and annoy her!

Bai Muyu laughed pretentiously and said, “What? Evidence? You are the poorest person in the class. If you didn’t steal it then who else could it be?”

Her words instantly drew laughter from everyone, as everyone was watching a good show. 

Everyone in the class knew that Bai Muyu was deliberately targeting her, but no one stood up to speak for Shen Yu. 

Shen Yu was just a poor man, there was no profit in helping her. So, who would help her?

Shen Yu looked around and sneered.

“It is just inexplicable.”

Seeing Shen Yu’s sneer, Bai Muyu was stunned. 

In her impression, Shen Yu had always been humble, cowardly, and boring, but today there was firm and calm emotion in her eyes.

Bai Muyu felt a little strange in her heart. 

Had Shen Yu taken the wrong medicine today? How dare she oppose her?!

Seeing Shen Yu had stood up, Bai Muyu lifted her chin higher and uncomfortably said, “Stop speaking nonsense, you have to let us search you.”

“What do you want to search for?” Shen Yu frowned.

“Of course, to see if you have stolen it or not. Since you said you didn’t steal it, then let me search it. If I really can’t find it on you, it will prove that you are innocent.”

Shen Yu immediately understood that this was what Bai Muyu wanted to do. This was her ultimate goal.

She first framed her for stealing, and then used it as an excuse to search her body in front of the whole class. 

In the end, she didn’t want to find anything, her only purpose was to humiliate her.

Understanding it, Shen Yu couldn’t sit obediently and naturally wait for death. She suddenly frowned, and then lowered her head to look inside her trouser pocket.

After searching her pocket, she went to flip through her school bag. 

Just when everyone thought that Shen Yu was going to be humiliated again today, Shen Yu suddenly raised her head and said in a panic, “My platinum emerald bracelet is missing!!!”

Hearing it, everyone was dumbfounded.

What the hell was this platinum emerald bracelet? And how could a poor person like her have such a thing? 


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