TIVYS: Chapter-7 (Part-2)


Uncle Li patted Shen Yu’s shoulder, and in a sad guilt-filled tone, spoke.

“It’s my fault.”

It was all his fault. He shouldn’t support Shen Yu’s decision to move out. But, he had always observed and felt that Shen Yu was unhappy staying at home. 

He felt distressed for her. So, he thought maybe by changing places, the little girl would be happy.

But, now everything has come back to the original place. 

It was almost time to have lunch, so Uncle Li quickly prepared a full table of dishes that Shen Yu liked, to silently comfort her.

But, Shen Yu was unable to eat, so she just ate a few mouthfuls, and went back to her room.

Uncle Li felt it difficult looking at Shen Yu’s lonely back. 

He looked at Shen Xiao, who was busy eating in a relaxed and pleasing mood. 

Uncle Li couldn’t help and said, “You should be patient and lenient in coaxing the little girl, not treat her like cats and dogs.”

Shen Xiao looked coldly at Uncle Li, and said, “I haven’t settled the bill with you, for encouraging her to move out from this house.” 

He snorted and continued, “But it’s good that you just reminded me, the little girl shouldn’t be alone at home. Buy some kittens and puppies for her, and the little girl will like them.”

After speaking, Shen Xiao smiled badly.


Uncle thought Shen Xiao became normal, but in the end, he started making bad ideas again.

“You go and buy a little puppy to buy for her, this afternoon.” Shen Xiao instructed him.

Uncle Li knew Shen Xiao wouldn’t just simply do that to please Shen Yu.  

So, he tried to be tactful and asked, “If you want to give a pet, you should first ask the lady.”

Shen Xiao smacked the dining table and stood up, “Why? Even you are disobedient now!”

Uncle Li knew, his words crossed the line. So, he instantly lowered his head and spoke.

“Later, I’ll buy the pet.”

Shen Xiao nodded his head in satisfaction. 

Before leaving, he told Uncle Li again, “There is a small log box on the table in the study. You can use it and coax her.” 

After speaking, Shen Xiao went upstairs without looking back.

Uncle Li had long become accustomed to Shen Xiao’s fluctuating mood and he couldn’t but sigh helplessly. 

After cleaning the kitchen, he went out to buy the pet.

Shen Yu came back to the familiar room that she had left. Although she only left this room for a week, after coming back, she found that the room had become more and more strange to her.

She was lying in bed in a daze, but soon she fell asleep and slept well. Maybe she was tired from all the crying before.

She had slept for two hours before waking up. After opening her eyes, Shen Yu heard a strange sound coming from outside her door. 

Shen Yu was curious, so she got out of bed and went to open the door. She was shocked to see a cute thing staying under her feet.


Uncle Li was standing outside her door while holding a small log box in his hand.

“Uncle Li, how come there is a puppy here? It’s so cute?!” Shen Yu grinned and squatted down to hold the puppy.

“Master asked me to buy a cute pet for you, and he also asked me to give you this.” 

Uncle Li handed the small log box to her.

Shen Yu was a little confused.

“Why did he think of getting a dog?”

Uncle Li shook his head, and said, “It’s Master’s idea, I can’t guess it.”

Shen Yu also deeply believed that the brain circuit of that snake disease couldn’t be causally guessed by normal people. 

When Shen Yu opened the log box, she was stunned again. 

Actual pieces of jewelry were lying inside it, piled up in a mess, like a one-dollar store.

Looking at that jewelry, Uncle Li was also a little shocked, “This is the old lady’s original jewelry.”

So that jewelry should be all genuine.

“Then why did he give me these? To Compensate me??”

Uncle Li looked at Shen Yu and then looked at those pieces of jewelry.

In the end, he nodded a little hesitantly, “Maybe.”


Although her life was back to being chaotic, Shen Yu wasn’t the one to be blindly depressed. 

She had already experienced death. Was there anything more terrifying than death?

So adjusting her mood, Shen Yu quickly packed up and continued to go to school.

There wasn’t any morning class, and she had two classes in the afternoon.

Shen Yu hurried back to school after lunch. She arrived a bit early, only a few people were sitting in the class when she came in.

Shen Yu noticed Bai Muyu at a glance.

Shen Yu pulled her gaze back and silently sat down in her seat. She sincerely hoped that Bai Muyu could ignore her presence in the class.

But Bai Muyu seemed to have a natural enmity towards her. Every time Bai Muyu saw Shen Yu, she would bully her.

Seeing others busy whispering, Bai Muyu got up and came to Shen Yu.

She arrogantly said, “Hey, I have lost my customized Tiffany necklace. Did you take it?”


Wasn’t this bullying too much?? And the reason was too casual??

She had just come inside the class!



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