TIVYS: Chapter-7 (Part-1)


Shen Yu was an actor and she knew, hysterical crying takes a lot of effort. It not only tested one’s capacity but also tested one’s patience. 

And crying for a long time would make you feel tired. And slowly you would have to stop and rest.

This moment could be regarded as the test of her intense crying scene. Shen Yu was crazily crying to let Shen Xiao respond to her.

But Shen Xiao was sitting like a stone in the cesspit, without any movement. He wasn’t moved no matter how hard she cried.

Initially, Shen Yu was crying loudly without knowing any shame to irritate Shen Xiao, but after some time, she couldn’t stop crying because she was getting depressed looking at his stone man behavior.

Just when she wanted to stop and take a small break and continue later, Shen Xiao finally moved.

He first shook off his buzzing ears, and then slowly untied his black tie, and smoothed it with his long fingers.

He folded the black tie in half, and slowly rolled it up. His distinct finger joints and slender finger rolled the tie looking like an exquisite handicraft.

After rolling up the tie like a small ball, Shen Xiao smiled and said, “If you don’t stop crying, I will stuff this tie into your mouth, believe me, or not?”

Shen Yu was stunned and forgot to proceed with her crying scene.

After getting along with Shen Xiao, Shen Yu knew that if he said so, then he would do so. 

So, without any delay, she closed her mouth and stared at him with her watery eyes through the glasses.

Shen Xiao hummed and handed the black-tie to her, and in a soft coaxing voice said, “Hey, I will give you this tie. When you want to cry, you can put it in your mouth.”

Shen Yu was more than stunned.

It turned out that the tie could be used for this function. But looking at him, she wanted to use this tie to wrap around his neck twice, and then tighten it!

Under the warning of the tie, the ambiance inside the car was very peaceful and harmonious. 

Passing through a junction, Shen Xiao even asked the driver to stop the car on the side of the road and said a few words to the bodyguard who was sitting in the co-pilot’s position. 

The bodyguard went out of the car, listening to his words.

After a while, the bodyguard came back and handed a small box to Shen Xiao.

Shen Yu was still sulking and feeling too lazy to look at him. But she was still able to see the colorful packaging from the corner of her eye. 

When the car started again, Shen Xiao threw the small box at her with a look of disgust in his eyes. 

Shen Yu felt a little astonished, after looking at the small box. This was a box of candies which children usually eat!

Did he buy this box for her? Was this compensation for smashing her house??

She had spent a whole week decorating that house, was it only worth a box of candy?

Shen Yu wanted to smash this box of candy on his head. Who wanted those candies?

But she was still holding that black tie in her hand, feeling afraid that this tie would be stuffed into her mouth.

The small candy box was very vibrant. There were many small packets filled with candies in it. The soft candies were wrapped in white powdered sugar and looked very tasty.

So she tore a small packet and ate candy. A sweet and sour taste instantly spread on the tip of her tongue.

Still feeling angry, she picked up another candy and ate it. Grieving and slowly emptying the packet, the cycle continued.


This was not candy, but her long-lost home! 

Listening to her blissful chewing sounds, Shen Xiao’s head continued to hurt.

Fortunately, the car had reached the villa, otherwise, Shen Xiao was really worried that he couldn’t control himself and would choke his cheap sister to death.

After getting out of the car, Shen Xiao looked at Uncle Li who was standing at the entrance, and said, “Get her to normal in two minutes. It’s hurting my head.”

Seeing Shen Yu’s eyes filled with tears, Uncle Li felt distressed, and said, “Miss, don’t cry. Uncle Li will make you your favorite dinner.”

Shen Yu’s previous crying was deliberate, as resistance against Shen Xiao’s actions. But, when she saw Uncle Li, she felt wronged and her eyes instantly became red.

“Uncle Li…”



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