TIVYS: Chapter-6 (Part-2)


Was this man a devil?

After enduring so much, Shen Yu still could help but boldly asked, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Although the original owner was scared and resistant to Shen Xiao, she felt like Shen Xiao had never really harmed her.

Even in the original plot, it was never mentioned that Shen Xiao had behaved too badly with her sister.  

Listening to Shen Yu’s question, Shen Xiao was stunned and stared at her with his sharpened eyes.

Shen Xiao, had an expression saying “Do you want to die? How dare you question me!!”

Shen Xiao said, “You are left to me by my parents, without my agreement, no one can take you away from me, not even you, understand?”

Shen Yu was once again speechless because of his snake disease attitude.


What does he mean by that his parents left him? She was not a per or a toy, let alone a part of the legacy! 

When and why was she his?

Although Shen Yu was going crazy in her heart, she still chose not to refute and agitate Shen Yu.

Through Shen Xiao’s maddening words, she could vaguely feel the intensity of his snake disease.  

Maybe in his mind, he felt that this sister was left by his parents as part of the family and she could only be obedient and stayed at home within his control.

Since this snake disease had such an insane idea, he would certainly not tolerate her refute and only do something more lunatic than just smashing the house.

Seeing that Shen Yu was no longer speaking, Shen Xiao stood up contentedly and shook his sore long legs.

Looking at her condescendingly, he said, “Go.”

Listening to Shen Xiao’s command, Shen Yu was a bit relinquished in her heart.

Even if she was unwilling, what could she do other than follow his order?

Shen Yu had managed to escape death and survived in another world. Why did she have to encounter him?

The more she thought, the more she felt miserable, in grief she simply refused to get up from the chair.

Looking at Shen Yu’s silent resistance, Shen Xiao frowned. He suddenly realized that Shen Yu’s behavior was a bit different today. 

Did she become courageous after living outside for a week?

After looking at her rare little temper, Shen Xiao only wanted to toss her more, so he winked at the bodyguard, and he said, “Carry her away.”

Shen Yu, “…”

Listening to the boss’s order, without a word, one of the bodyguards came forward and leaned as if preparing to carry someone.

Shen Yu subconsciously withdrew her body. Looking at her reaction, Shen Xiao squinted his eyes and then raised his hand to stop the bodyguard.

Shen Xiao unhurriedly took off his suit jacket and threw it at the bodyguard. He stepped forward, held her body with one hand, and supported her leg with the other hand, and threw her over on his shoulder. 

Shen Yu was thrown into the air like a sack and then fell on Shen Xiao’s shoulder. Because of the force, she almost vomited!

Shen Yu was dumbfounded, but before she realized to struggle, Shen Xiao had already walked outside.

“Let me go…I won’t go back!”

However, no one listened. 

The group of bodyguards came out of the house, and the last one even carefully locked the door. 

No one could guess the actual condition of the house from the outside. 

Although Shen Yu was in the process of losing weight, and right now she was not light. But Shen Xiao easily carried her to the car door.

Shen Yu was forced to struggle with her face down only using her hands and feet, without any effect.

Shen Yu couldn’t help but feel anxious, and her nose was sour. She cried out, not a low cry like a celebrity, but wailing loudly on Shen Xiao’s neck.

Anyway, she was already embarrassed, so it didn’t matter to lose more!

The sudden wailing stunned everyone, except for Shen Xiao, who was born heartless. He could never be moved by anyone’s tears. 

Shen Xiao firmly carried the crying Shen Yu into the parking lot.

Shen Yu originally felt aggrieved so she cried out loud to ease her emotions, but when she saw Shen Xiao’s cold-blooded appearance, her heart became angrier, as a result, she started crying more and more vigorously.

She wailed unconsciously until Shen Xiao again threw her like a bag, but this time into the car.

As she sat on the seat, Shen Yu raised her volume and cried more loudly.


Shen Xiao’s temple started hurting.


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