TIVYS: Chapter-6 (Part-1)


Shen Xiao lit a cigarette and turned around to find that Shen Yu was looking completely stunned.

Shen Xiao said in a soothing tone, “Don’t be scared. Treat it as if you are watching a movie.”

Like a movie? How could she possibly treat this uncalled smashing of her newly decorated home as a movie? 

She was not sick like him! A snake diseased man!  

And even if she thought of this scene like a movie, it would be a disaster movie.

Shen Yu felt like her heart was trembling.

The sofa, table, chair, lamp, and other household things were all that she had personally selected for her new home. 

Everything was her favorite. She liked it all.

Moreover, she only used it for a few days, she didn’t even get time to enjoy it. 

And now everything was smashed!

How could she bear it?

At the moment, Shen Yu’s mood was just like those smashed things that were shattered into a litter.

All her glorious future dreams from before had now turned into an invisible slap, that had strongly slapped her face.

And the beginner of this chaos was still acting lazily and commenting on things from time to time.

“The blue vase is not good, the sound is not clear enough. Was this something you bought from a roadside stall?”

“I will give you a real antique, and you should listen to its sound. The breaking sound of a real antique porcelain vase is a sound like that of heaven.” 

Shen Xiao even squinted his eyes, as if he was recalling that intoxicating sound.

Shen Yu was speechless.

Initially, Shen Yu was thinking about fighting crazily with Shen Xiao. After all, he had just whacked her house that she had worked so hard to decorate in the past weeks.

It was normal for Shen Yu to lose her temper and want to fight Shen Xiao.

But after listening to Shen Yu’s description of the broken sound of an antique, Shen Yu held back her temper.

Shen Yu felt that in the matter of craziness no one can compete with Shen Xiao.

The bodyguards were quick and in less than ten minutes, the living room and two-bedroom and one-living room were smashed.

Except for the four walls, there was nothing intact in the house.

Shen Xiao had also finished smoking the cigarette.

After crushing the remaining part of the cigarette under his shoes, he said  “Okay, let’s go.”

Suppressing her fear, Shen Yu raised her eyes with a stubborn look, and asked, “Where to go?”

Shen Xiao slowly said, “This place is smashed like this, do you still want to live here?”

He brought people to smash her house, just so that he could bring her back? 

If he didn’t want her to leave the house, then why did he allow her to move in the beginning?

At that time, Shen Yu had only said “I got it” to Uncle Li, and didn’t reply or nod his head in affirmation.

Suddenly Shen Yu understood, what he meant at that time was that “I know she wanted to move out”. And after that, he didn’t say anything further. 

He waited for her to move out and happily enjoy a few days out, and then he would give her a deadliest blow. To let her recognize the facts in a very brutal manner.

Shen Yu lowered her head, and said, “I won’t go back with you.” 

After speaking against Shen Xiao, her heart trembled in fear.

Those fearful reactions were entire of the original owner’s instincts, it had nothing to do with her, Shen Yu told herself.

The original body was extremely afraid of her brother, Shen Yu wasn’t!

Shen Xiao frowned and looked at her with a puzzled look as if he didn’t believe that she would dare to disobey him.

“Don’t want to go back?” Shen Xiao sneered and repeated those words.

Shen Xiao got out of the chair and squatted closely in front of her. 

Shen Yu was also lowering her head, the distance between them their eyes were very close. 

The deep aggressive gaze like the gaze of a demon looked at Shen Yu that she couldn’t avoid.

Only listening to his cold voice that was speaking word by word to her.

“Then you want to live in a place like this. If you get a new place then I will smash it again. You can try me.”

Shen Yu was stunned.



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