TIVYS: Chapter-5 (Part-3)


After hanging up Uncle Li’s phone, Shen Yu felt like an ant on a hot pot.

She really couldn’t understand what Shen Xiao wanted to do? He had ignored her existence for so many days, then why suddenly he wanted to come and meet her? 

Was he here to find some fault in her again? Or did he want to feed her more cherries this time?

Before Shen Yu could think of the reason for his arrival, Shen Xiao arrived.

When the door was knocked, Shen Yu hurriedly walked to the door and looked through the cat’s eyes. 

She saw Shen Xiao in a black suit and leather shoes with a dog-like appearance standing outside her door.

He seemed to be aware that she was peeking at him through the cat’s eyes. So, he kept looking at the cat’s eyes. 

They stared at each other through the cat’s eyes.

After a moment, Shen Yu quickly moved her face away from the cat-eye. 

Shen Xiao’s stare was like a sharp arrow, which seemed to pierce her heart.

Taking a few deep breaths and calming her mood, Shen Yu cheerfully cried out, “Brother.”

Shen Xiao didn’t speak, in return, he just snorted coldly and pushed the door.

He walked past Shen Yu and went into the room.

After Shen Xiao walked inside, Shen Yu found a few people in black suits guarding her door. 

She was surprised. 

Those people were all tall and bulky, they looked particularly uncomfortable standing in the narrow space outside her door.

They must be his bodyguards.

Shen Yu was frustrated, wasn’t Shen Xiao very weird to bring bodyguards while meeting his sister? Or was he here to force her to go back?

Thinking about the possibility, Shen Yu felt more frustrated. She quickly denied it. 

If Shen Xiao wanted to take her back, she could have done it a long time ago. Why would he wait until now? 

During the time, Shen Yu was thinking about the reason for his arrival. Shen Xiao had already visited and looked through her two bedrooms and one living room.

In a good mood, he even commented, “Looks very warm.”

Shen Yu raised her head and tried to boldly ask, “Brother, did you come here for something?”

While looking back at her, Shen Xiao jokingly said, “Yes, there is something.”

He looked around the house and picked up two chairs from the dining table. After taking the chair to the living room, he sat down on one and patted the other for her to sit.

Shen Yu was totally confused, and couldn’t guess what he wanted to do. But still, she sat down obediently on the other chair.

Shen Xiao didn’t understand why she would follow Shen Xiao’s every order. Maybe it was because she didn’t dare to resist, or maybe it was the original host’s involuntary reaction.

Anyhow she would do what Shen Xiao ordered.

Shen Xiao lazily lifted his leg and placed it on his other leg, and said, “Do it.”

His words were addressed to his bodyguards who were standing outside the door because as soon as Shen Xiao spoke, a few of them walked into her house.

Then in the face of Shen Yu’s stunned expression, those bodyguards began to smash her house.

They were smashing her house!!!

The electrical appliances, furniture, and all the other items which were present were lifted by them one by one and then smashed onto the ground.

The sound of smashing was heart-piercing.

Amidst the bunch of smashing and crackling noises, Shen Xiao slowly lit the cigarette and turned around to see Shen Yu.

Looking at the stunned expression on Shen Yu’s face, he smiled soothingly, and said in a soft tone, “Don’t feel afraid, think of this as watching a movie.”



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Mildred Marvill
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