TIVYS: Chapter-5 (Part-2)


After eating lunch, Shen Yu and Uncle Li paid the deposit to the landlord. They took the keys and went ahead to buy furniture for the house.

The next day, Shen Yu carried the two suitcases into her small apartment and looked at the newly furnished home. She had an unspeakable joy in her heart.

She had personally arranged this place, from nothing to warmth, this was her home. 

In this strange world, now she had a place to call ‘home’.

She could sleep here peacefully when she was tired, she could read a book or hold a pajama party when she wanted. She was feeling exhilarated as she thought about it. 

Uncle Li walked out from the kitchen with a small rag and wiped here and there.

After wiping the living room, Uncle Li said, “Miss, I have to go back. Master likes you very much, if anyone ever bullies you, you must tell him.”

Except for the snake-like existence of Shen Xiao, everything else is perfect in Shen Yu’s life.

Still, Shen Yu sighed and said, “Uncle Li, I will.”

Uncle Li went back in the evening after arranging the place for Shen Yu. 

When watching Uncle Li slowly driving the car out of the community, Shen Yu felt sad. Uncle Li was the only person who treated her well in this world. But, from now on, she wouldn’t be able to meet him regularly.

Shen Yu decided to occasionally go back to Shen’s house to meet Uncle Li.

In the original owner’s heart, Uncle Li was the only person she cared about. She was filial to Uncle Li, and Shen Yu was also willing to be filial.

Living away from Shen’s house was very relaxing for Shen Yu. If there was no class, she would sleep recklessly. She cooked what she liked. She wasn’t afraid of being called ‘picky’ and force-fed by Shen Xiao.   

And, the most beautiful thing out of all the benefits was that she no longer had to see Shen Xiao! 

However, while relaxing, Shen Yu still maintained her fitness regime.

Shen Yu bought a treadmill and placed it on the balcony. She daily ran on it, and she even started practicing stretching exercises.

In the past, as a dancer, her body was always soft and flexible. She had never felt the pain of stretching, but now, she wanted to cry every time she stretched.

The original owner didn’t do any exercise, so her limbs were almost rigid. Every stretch felt like a battle of sweat and tears.

Fortunately, her efforts showed an effect and her waist and legs became firm and flexible. 

But, after living comfortably for a week, Shen Yu received an urgent call from Uncle Li. 

In a nervous voice, Uncle Li asked, “Miss, are you at your apartment right now?”

“What’s the matter, Uncle Li? I am at home.” Today was Saturday, so she had no class today. She was totally free.

“Master is going to find you, he is on the way.” Li Shu hurriedly said.

As soon as Shen Yu heard that Shen Xiao was coming she became nervous and reflexively asked, “What did he want to come here?”

Uncle Li quickly said, “I have no idea, it was the Master’s decision.”

Shen Yu was speechless.



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