TIVYS: Chapter-5 (Part-1)


As a qualified villain, Shen Xiao had almost all the qualities of the villains. He was arrogant, moody, defiant, sinister, evil, and so on.

Uncle Li, who was living for almost two decades in Shen’s house, can’t figure him out. So how could Shen Yu understand Shen Xiao’s brain circuit?

So the most effective way to live in this world was – To stay away from Shen Xiao!

When Shen Yu got the opportunity to live away from that snake disease, she didn’t want to miss it. 

Shen Yu discussed that with Uncle Li to see the house tomorrow. It would be better to find a well-furnished house, so she could move out quickly. 

Because Uncle Li was worried about her safety, he decided to look for the house tomorrow with her.

That night, Shen Yu had no nightmare but a beautiful dream. In her dream, she was a happy bird who was flying freely high in the sky.

After breakfast, Uncle Li drove Shen Yu to look for a house.

There are many residential buildings near the Film City, but those buildings were relatively old and outdated. However, it was very near to her school. 

Shen Yu wanted to rent a one bedroom and one living room apartment. She was going to live alone, and a small apartment was more budget-friendly.

Uncle Li didn’t agree with her, he felt that at least two bedrooms were the bare minimum with one living room, so one bedroom could be allotted for sleeping and the other one for study. 

“You shouldn’t be worried about the money. If the master doesn’t agree, your Uncle Li will give you the money.”

“No, I have money.” Shen Yu said to Uncle Li. 

Yesterday, Shen Yu had checked her bank card, and the amount present in it was enough to make her a rich woman.

Shen Xiao was very generous in giving her the pocket money. Every month, he transfers a fixed amount of money into Shen Yu’s card.

But, the original owner felt that the money didn’t belong to her, so she seldom used it. She only used it to buy the daily necessities.  

Shen Yu wasn’t afraid of using that money, because she would be taking it as a loan.

She had decided to write down the amount she had used, and then make some money and deposit it back into the card. 

They took fancy to two houses, one was well-furnished with furniture and appliances, but had dark and humid air inside it, and another set was two bedrooms and one living room with plenty of light, and air. 

Uncle Li liked the second set at first sight, but that house was not well-furnished. You would first have to buy furniture and appliances to live.

At noon, Shen Yu and Uncle Li decided to first have lunch, and then discussed which house to rent.

In fact, Shen Yu was only concerned about moving out of Shen’s house, everything else was not much of a problem. 

Uncle Li said, “Let’s rent the second house. We can now go and buy the furniture first. You are going to live outside alone, so we have to buy the best.”

Shen Yu was moved, knowing that Uncle Li was thinking for her.


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