TIVYS: Chapter-4 (Part-2)


The girls around Shen Yu were gossiping tirelessly and the topic of the gossip was Bai Mu Yu.

Only after listening to their chattering did Shen Yu realize that Bai Mu Yu was absent from the class these days because of playing a small role in her sister’s drama series.

A girl in an envious voice said, “It’s nice to have a celebrity sister. Sister Mu Qing was again on the hot search list on Weibo. Someone even said that she was going to endorse the new product launched by Shen’s.”

Listening to the other girl’s envious tone, Bai Mu Yu brooded and said, “Isn’t Shen’s a local brand? What’s so good about endorsing it?”

Bai Mu Yu pouted and added, “I will be a better star than her in the future. And, I will only endorse exotic foreign brands!”

The girls laughed at her words.

One of her friends chuckled and said, “Don’t blow your own trumpet! Your new necklace is so beautiful. Did you purchase it?”

After listening to the second half of the statement, Bai Mu Yu instantly became interested and eagerly explained to her friend.

“This is Tiffany’s new collection. Isn’t it pretty? This necklace was custom-made for my sister, but the design didn’t match her personality, so she gave it to me to wear.”

“Wowww…is this necklace custom-made? It should be very expensive, right?”

Bai Mu Yu raised her chin and in an arrogant tone said, “This necklace is not so expensive, it only costs around tens of thousands of dollars.”

One of the girls exclaimed after hearing the price, and said, “Oh my God! It’s so expensive. This necklace surely cost a lot!”

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows after listening to the girl’s excited voice.

Ignoring the noises around her, Shen Yu opened the book calmly and concentrated on the concepts written in the book. 

At the moment, the most valuable and impressive thing for her was professional knowledge, and everything else was an imaginary element.

While Bai Mu Yu was talking, she looked at Shen Yu and said in an irritated voice, “Hey, Miss Fatty Shen, have you ever heard of Tiffany? Do you like this necklace, but it’s a pity you can’t wear it on your thick pig-like neck.”

As Bai Mu Yu finished mocking Shen Yu, the whole class burst into laughter.

Shen Yu got angry after listening to those words, but she took a few deep breaths to control herself.

At that moment, Shen Yu felt that she not only entered into the original owner’s body but also blended into the soul of the original owner.

Shen Yu could feel every emotion of the original owner, the feelings of her inferiority, her anger, her helplessness, and her grief.

She could feel the scars of the vicious assault left by others on the original owner’s soul.

The original owner was a child who lacked love and was picked up from the trash can. Later, she grew up in an indifferent and cold environment with an elder brother with a snake-hearted personality.

The original owner was an introvert, and with such classmates who like to verbally shame her, she developed a deep inferiority complex.

Having seen through the original owner’s feelings, Shen Yu couldn’t dislike the original owner’s personality.

She felt deep distress for the original owner and empathized with her. From this moment, she was the original owner, and the original owner was her.

In the afternoon, when Shen Yu went home, she didn’t see Shen Xiao.

Uncle Li said that Shen Xiao had gone to a private club for two days to socialize in an event.

Listening to the news, Shen Yu was happy. She couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief. 

Shen Yu was afraid that if she met Shen Xiao again, she would have the same horrifying nightmare of Shen Xiao being a snake and he tried to strangle her to death.

Shen Yu and Uncle Li were the only two left for the dinner. Even without Shen Xiao, Uncle Li still made many exquisite foods for her to eat.

In Uncle Li’s opinion, eating was a big deal. So, he made a full dinner for just the two of them.

Uncle Li added another bowl of soup to her and said, “As you said in the morning, are you going to move out from this house? And you even planned to live alone?”

Shen Yu obediently said, “Yes, I have planned to move in the community next to the school. And I will not be truly alone, many students are living there.”

She added, “There is a police station nearby. It’s a very safe place to live for the students.”

Uncle Li sighed, and said, “If you have thought about it so clearly, so go ahead, and live happily.”

Shen Yu was surprised, and she asked, “Uncle Li, have you mentioned this matter to my brother?”

“In the morning, I told the master that you are very busy with your studies and you wanted to move out and live near the school.” Uncle Li said.

Shen Yu hurriedly asked, “Did my brother get angry? What did he say?”

Uncle Li shook his head, and said, “Master was not angry after hearing it. He just said, “Got it.”, and then went out.” 

Shen Yu was puzzled, and she asked, “Got it? What did it mean? Is it yes or no?”

After a moment, she thought and said, “It should be that he had agreed, if not he would have surely gotten angry with me.”

Shen Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief. She didn’t expect this, this matter was solved too easily. There wasn’t even the need to explain this matter to Shen Xiao by herself. 

Shen Yu was very happy.

This was the biggest surprise she had received after her transmigration.

Was it that simple? That snake-hearted person truly agreed to her to leave this place like this?

Who would he feed his favourite cherries after she left? 

Even after a while, Shen Yu was still a little uncertain, so she asked again, “Can I move out from this house?”

After thinking for a while, Uncle Li replied, “Master has a volatile temper. He may have agreed today but he might regret it tomorrow. If you want to move out, you should move before the arrival of the master from the club.”

Uncle Li asked, “Do you have enough money, if not I can give you some?”

Shen Yu hurriedly replied, “No need, Uncle Li. I have enough money.”

Uncle Li said, “Then you should hurry and pack your things, and I will drive you to the community.”

Shen Yu couldn’t help but happily take a deep breath after thinking about leaving the Shen family and that snake-hearted brother behind.

She was so excited!



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Queen Ann
Queen Ann
1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter ❣️
I don’t think it would be as easy as that though 😅 since thebrother is unpredictable..

Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
1 year ago

Hahahaha our little bunny is running quick! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

1 year ago