TIVYS: Chapter-4 (Part-1)


Shen Yu didn’t slack and put all her effort into studying. She always went to school on time and listen to the lectures carefully.

At first, she had some worries that someone will find some abnormality in her, but later she found she shouldn’t have worried about it too much.

The original host was a little transparent soul with no sense of existence in her class. Her classmates wouldn’t even look at her and always treated her as a transparent thing.

Shen Yu was somewhat puzzled, how did the original host manage to do it?

Could someone isolate themselves to this degree, was her inferiority complex was that big? 

This kind of exclusion and inferiority complex could seriously cause depression.

Shen Yu couldn’t understand the original host’s thoughts.

Before transmigrating, Shen Yu was a known professional dancer. 

She was a good student and had excellent grades in high school. She was selected as an actor, after her graduation. 

She was admired for her serene beauty in the ancient costume drama that she had taken part in. Even though she was not the first-line celebrity, she was somewhere equal to the third-line celebrity in popularity. 

Regardless of being a student or entering the entertainment circle, Shen Yu had never had low dreams or goals for herself.

She liked the attention of others and enjoyed being followed by fans.

Being treated as a transparent thing, Shen Yu had never experienced it in both her lives. 

Shen Yu couldn’t blame the heavens or anyone for this, since she had replaced the original host, then she had to adjust and face her reality.

Even though she wanted to become famous again, she wasn’t ready to make any big change yet.

Although she had become a transparent thing with no friends, her life was very calm with no social entanglements.

Shen Yu only had one work that was to study. 

Ignoring the presence of Shen Xiao’s that mad man, these days were the most peaceful time of her lifetime.

But apparently, there were always people who couldn’t see others live a peaceful life.

When Bai Mu Yu came, Shen Yu raised her eyes and looked at the girl who had just come. 

It was mentioned in the novel that the Bai sisters’ were both popular in the entertainment industry. And the younger sister was haughty and could easily offend others.

Now it looked like this person was awful, she called her fat so arrogantly, 

Had she eaten her rice?

Although Shen Yu was herself a little disgusted with her obesity, she didn’t like others highlighting her flaws in front of others.

There was a fire raging in her heart after listening to Bai Mu Yu’s words.

Bai Mu Yu smiled triumphantly, bullying this miserable bug was one of her pleasurable hobbies. 

Normally, as soon as she spoke, Shen Yu would miserably run away, but today something was different about Shen Yu.

It was Shen Yu’s eyes that were different from earlier. Whenever Shen Yu would see her, she would bow her head like a criminal 

But today, it was different. Shen Yu had the guts to stare at her.

Shen Yu and Bai Mu Yu stared at each other for a few seconds.

But others didn’t know this, and hurriedly pushed Bai Mu Yu, and said, “Take a seat, the teacher is coming. Sit down and tell me about your European trip.”



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Wei Yu
Wei Yu
1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!!!!

1 year ago

Thank for the translation. I’m excited to see her get healthy and lose weight and what people reactions will be.

Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
1 year ago

I am so shallow I keep cheering for the Glow-up and waiting for her to suppress these green tea b*tches