TIVYS: Chapter-3 (Part-2)


Shen Xiao wasn’t interested in Bai Mu Qing, he disinterestedly asked, “Do you have a photo of her? Let me see what she looks like.”

His tone was like he was picking vegetables for tonight’s dinner in the vegetable market.

Listening to the tone of Shen Xiao, Shen Yu could finally infer the plot’s progress. 

According to her observation, she was at a point where Shen Xiao had yet to be interested in Bai Mu Qing. And he didn’t provoke the male lead Situ Yi yet.

But the plot of their relationship was going to start soon. 

Bai Mu Qing was getting popular and was going to endorse Shen Xiao’s products soon. This cooperation between them was the turning point of the story-line.

Shen Yu wasn’t interested in the plot, she just had to move out of this house before the point came. 

She didn’t want to live with a narrow-minded person like Shen Yu. Even if you have an iron-will and live with people like him, you could only collapse and be dead earlier.

This life was her second chance to live, she shouldn’t be bothered by a person like Shen Xiao.

She must live well and cherish her while staying far away from that villain.

Shen Yu was eating and sleeping well over the last few days, but tonight she had a nightmare. She dreamed that Shen Xiao had turned into a monster with a human head and snake body.

In the dream, she saw Shen Xiao had wrapped his snake-tail around her neck and choked her. And when she asked why he wanted to choke her, he laughed wickedly and replied that because he wanted to.

After waking up the next day, Shen Yu had a terrible headache and was feeling very dizzy.

The body of the owner’s host was fat and she was short-sighted but still, she had a good height of 170cms and good facial features.

If she lost her weight and used contact-lens in place of glasses, she would certainly look good.

Shen Yu was a dancer in the past, and she didn’t like being obese the most in her life because of her profession.

She had planned her work-out schedule and in at most two months, she would be able to regain her past figure.

She didn’t plan to live in Shen Xiao’s house because she had the fear that she would leave some clues about not being Shen Yu to Shen Xiao.

Shen Yu quietly did a one-hour work-out inside her room without alarming others. After that, she took a bath and went down to eat breakfast.

She had to catch the bus early because she had two classes in the morning. 

There was only Uncle Li working in the kitchen, Shen Xiao was still sleeping in his room. 

Recalling last night’s nightmare, Shen Yu was frightened to face Shen Xiao.

Uncle Li cheerfully greeted her, when he saw Shen Yu coming downstairs.

He hurriedly brought her breakfast and said, “Eat this first, there will be more in a while.”

Shen Yu looked at the fully stuffed plate and said, “I can’t eat too much, I am already too fat.”

Uncle Li was stunned hearing this, he thought she was scared by Shen Xiao’s words. 

He hastily said, “You already know, Mr. talks in that way, you shouldn’t hurt yourself over it.”

While nodding her head, Shen Yu picked the soy-milk glass and took a sip from it.

Looking at Shen Yu’s weird behavior, Uncle Li sat down and said “You are looking worried about something these days. Did something happen?”

Initially, Shen Yu wanted to deny it, but Uncle Li was living in this house for years, and he knew everything about the original host. And if she wanted to leave this house, she should start with Uncle Li first.

Shen Yu quickly changed her answer and said “Uncle Li, I have got heavy homework recently. And I have even applied for extra classes and for that I have to catch the bus early.”

She slowly added, “Uncle Li, I have planned to rent a flat near the school to study well. Do you think my brother will agree?”

Uncle Li was shocked, and asked, “You wanted to move out.”

Uncle Li had always seen her as a timid young girl, but it seems she had finally grown up into a courageous young lady. 

To support her, Uncle said, “Do you need me to try and test Mr.’s reaction?”

Shen Yu was excited with Uncle Li’s support, and she said, “Uncle Li, Thank you very much.”

Uncle Li waved his hands and said, “Don’t thank me yet, I have no idea if the master will agree with this or not.”

With a huge smile on her face, Shen Yu said, “Uncle Li, I should still thank you for your help.”

After saying goodbye, Shen Yu left.

Shen Yu found a seat in the corner to sit when she arrived in the class, but someone intentionally pushed her.

Shen Yu didn’t like trouble but it didn’t mean she was easy to bully.

“Oh my God, look who is here? Isn’t she the fattest girl in our whole school?” A soft voice of a girl sounded in the class.

When Shen Yu looked up, she saw a fashionable girl was beside her and was looking at her with disgust in her eyes.

“Bai Mu Yu, why do you always try to talk to such a fatty person?” While patting the girl’s shoulder, the person questioned.

Shen Yu was speechless, this person was Bai Mu Qing’s sister. 

This Bai Mu Yu was someone who always bullied the original host!


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Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
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Trash a whole family of green tea bitches wow… I need to monitor this herd of bitches in their natural habitat *binoculars engaged*