TIVYS: Chapter-3 (Part-1)


Shen Yu was ready to swear, she didn’t want to bite on Shen Xiao’s finger.

But looking at the joyful expression of Shen Xiao, she wanted to bite him to death.

Shen Xiao was very sick!

After taking a pause, Assistant Du again started reading the documents before Shen Xiao, ignoring earlier events.

To help Shen Yu to divert Shen Xiao’s attention, Uncle Li hurriedly served tea to everyone.

But, the bite had attracted Shen Xiao’s attention now. He picked a cherry and put it near Shen Yu’s mouth and said while coaxing her, “Come on, bite it.”

Shen Xiao’s hand was white and slender with a  red cherry in his hand, the hands were looking very beautiful. But, Shen Yu knew the owner of this beautiful hand was a snake!

Shen Yu was getting a headache. Was he asking her to bite on the cherry or his hand? What should she do now?

After thinking for a while, she could only bite on the cherry. Still, she chose the wrong option.

Shen Xiao became dissatisfied with frowned brows, he said: “Why didn’t you take a bite?”

Was this person waiting for her to bite his fingers?

While trying to look innocent, she blinked her eyes softly and said, “Brother, I can’t eat more otherwise I will vomit.”

After saying it, Shen Yu made a vomiting motion while covering the mouth with her hands.

Even though she was lying about wanting to vomit but eating an apple and a bowl full of cherries, her stomach was exploding.

Shen Xiao instantly reacted and subconsciously hid, and threatened her while saying, “Shen Yu, if you dare to vomit here, I’ll stuff your vomit back into your throat with salad dressing on top of it.”

Shen Yu covered her mouth and shook her head. 

After all this, Shen Xiao wasn’t interested in feeding her. After throwing the bowl on the table, he disgustedly said, “You are truly a disappointment. Go away, from here.”

Shen Yu was feeling relieved, she hurriedly left in fear of getting tossed again.

Shen Yu couldn’t understand the original host was timid according to the book. She had no relation with Shen Xiao then how could he feed her cherries so proficiently.

This wasn’t looking like Shen Xiao had fed her for the first time.

After going back to her room, Shen Yu remembered that she had left her mobile phone downstairs on the dining table. 

She had no other way to get her phone, that snake was still downstairs.

Shen Yu could only collect her courage and with great caution, she went downstairs to retrieve her mobile phone.

When Shen Yu went downstairs and found Shen Xiao was lying in a crooked position on the living room sofa, and Assistant Du was discussing some business-related topic with him.

Shen Yu walked on her toes and trot towards the restaurant area slowly, to get his phone without alarming the both.

The restaurant was separated from the living room with a partition and covered by many green plants. 

While standing in the dining area, she could vaguely hear their words. Shen Yu had no interest in eavesdropping but when she heard ‘Bai Mu Qing’ in their discussion, she couldn’t help but listen to it carefully.

‘Bai Mu Qing’ was a very important supporting character in the book. She was the white moonlight of the male lead Situ Yi, but they broke up for some reason.

But after a while, she wanted to get back with Situ Yi, but it was already too late for her. Situ Yi had already started liking the female lead, Yuan Yue. 

Bai Mu Qing couldn’t handle it, and she started a love-hate relationship with the male lead. She even got into a relationship with the villain of the book, Shen Xiao.

Because of this, Shen Xiao started targeting the male lead viciously but maybe because of the male lead’s aura, Situ Yu won in the end. And gave a fatal hit to the villain of the book, Shen Xiao.

Shen Xiao took the initiative to frame Situ Yi, because of the instigation of Bai Mu Qing. But, at the end, when the male less questioned her she innocently blamed others. 

This supporting character was a total scourge, a white lotus. This was the reason when Shen Yu heard that name, she tried to carefully listen to Shen Xiao and Assistant Du’s discussion.

Assistant Du looked at the lazy appearance of Shen Xiao, and said, “Bai Mu Qing is getting famous now. It took a lot of the efforts of the advertising team to ask her to endorse our product.”

While sneering Shen Xiao said, “What about her being famous? If she didn’t want to endorse then hire others? Money can buy anything.”

Assistant Du ignored Shen Xiao’s disdain and asked, “She wanted to meet you on the weekends, is President Shen going there?”


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Panacea Seer
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O-O Okay our ML is crazy but just means MORE FUN FOR US!!!