TIVYS: Chapter-14 (Part-1)


Shen Xiao didn’t immediately agree to Bai Mu Qing’s offer to go there together. 

He casually put his long legs on the coffee table in front of the sofa and waited for Shen Yu to cut the last piece of bandage before he coolly said, “No, I’m not interested…”

Bai Mu Qing didn’t expect Shen Xiao to directly refuse her invitation. She felt a little unhappy, hearing this. 

Bai Mu Qing frowned, moved to the back of the sofa, bowed her head, and said, “Situ Yi will also go there. After quitting the entertainment industry, he returned to take over the company…”

“Now he can be considered an upstart in the business world. He is still my senior and I have a good relationship with him. If you come, I can help you to meet him.”

Shen Xiao didn’t reply, he didn’t seem to hear Bai Mu Qing’s words. 

Instead, he raised his bandaged wrist, and carefully looked at it, then finally nodded in satisfaction.

He looked at Shen Yu and said, “The bandage is good, you will be responsible for dressing me in the future.”

Shen Yu, “…”

It seemed like changing his bandage was really a glorious thing.

Bai Mu Qing is currently very popular in the entertainment industry. And anywhere she went, she was always held like how the stars hold the moon.

She had not tasted the feeling of being left out for a long time. So she couldn’t help stomping her feet, and coquettishly saying, “Mr. Shen—”

Hearing this, Shen Xiao raised his eyebrows and turned back to reply to Bai Mu Qing.

“Who is Situ Yi? Why should I know him??!” 

The unbelievable tone made the environment more awkward.

Bai Mu Qing, “…”

Shen Yu, “…”

As the male protagonist of the novel, Situ Yi had an invincible male lead halo. 

He was once a well-known actor in the entertainment industry. 

Even the original owner was also a small fan of his. She even entered the drama school for him. 

But Situ Yi suddenly left the entertainment industry. 

Two years ago, when his acting career was at its peak, Situ Yi resolutely announced that he would quit the entertainment circle and take over his company.

Even if he was no longer a celebrity, his reputation was still strong. 

As a person in the same business circle, how could Shen Xiao have never heard of him?

So, he asked this on purpose, maybe he was dissatisfied with Bai Mu Qing’s words or dissatisfied with the male lead Situ Yi’s growth in the business field.

Shen Yu felt that this was an unexpected encounter with Bai Mu Qing and it wasn’t without gain. 

At least she knew that Shen Xiao’s current attitude towards Bai Mu Qing was not very serious, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to destroy their relationship.

Shen Yu secretly glanced at Bai Mu Qing. 

Even after getting such a reply from Shen Xiao, she could still maintain a calm smile on her face, which was truly amazing. 

It seemed that this person really wanted to take Shen Xiao down.

However, Shen Yu still felt a bit refreshed to see how she still tried to smile after being assaulted by the snake disease.

Seeing that the topic was about to be chatted to death by Shen Xiao, Bai Mu Qing quickly took a deep breath and stiffly said, “Well, he is just a non-essential person…”

“It’s almost noon, where are we going to eat? Is it good to have French food?? I also want to stroll around.”

Hearing this, Shen Yu behaved like a curious baby and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of being photographed by the paparazzi?” 

“It’s okay, I will cover myself properly.” Bai Mu Qing tucked her hair down and smiled.

Shen Xiao nodded indifferently, then he turned to Shen Yu and said, “Little things, let’s go.”

The tone was not a question but an order.

Hearing this, the two women present in the room were stunned at the same time. 

Weren’t they going on a date?! What’s the matter with taking his sister on a date??!

Shen Yu was shocked for a few seconds and immediately moved her mind. 

The situation was like she wanted to sleep and Shen Xiao took the initiative to pass the pillow. 

This guy was too cooperative, today!

Shen Yu did not immediately agree but lowered her head in a panic. 

Two seconds later, she timidly raised her head and looked at Bai Mu Qing and Shen Xiao.

Then she slowly whispered, “No… It’s okay, you are going on a date with Sister Bai. I…I haven’t been to a French restaurant either.”

Seeing her appearance, Shen Xiao’s originally calm face changed.

He frowned, and disgustingly said, “If I asked you to go, you must go!”

Shen Yu, “…”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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