TIVYS: Chapter-13 (Part-2)


Shen Xiao touched the back of her hand and said, “Talk to her.”

Shen Yu didn’t get entangled, and softly yelled, “Hello, Sister Bai.”

Bai Mu Qing smiled crookedly, “This little girl is your sister??”

Shen Xiao nodded and said, “How is she? Pretty good.”

It sounded like he was boasting about his pet!

Bai Mu Qing gracefully stood up, stepped on red high heels, and walked in the catwalk style to them.

Looking at Shen Yu, she said, “She doesn’t look like you.”

As long as you want to know about the Shen family, you would know that the Shen family has an adopted daughter picked up from outside. 

And for Bai Mu Qing who had purposefully approached Shen Xiao from the beginning, it was impossible not to know their relationship, but she still pretended to know nothing. 

She was really good at acting.

With his uninjured hand, Shen Xiao lightly played with the lighter and glanced at Shen Yu.

He replied disinterestedly, “She looked like my sister.”

Hearing it, Bai Mu Qing realized that she didn’t pick the topic well, so she didn’t continue, but lowered her head and asked Shen Yu, “Sister, do you want to have my autograph? I can sign you as many as I can.”

Can she say that she doesn’t want it at all?! 

As a result, as soon as Shen Yu looked up, her words became, “Is it really possible, Sister Bai?”

Seeing her fan-like look, Bai Mu Qing was instantly pleased, and she generously said, “Of course, I will sign for you after you help your brother with his wound.”

When the assistant treated Shen Xiao’s wound just now, she bowed his head and bent over.

When Shen Yu replaced her, she also took the same position. 

But she was tall and too tired to bend over, so she simply squatted with her eyes just a little higher than Shen Xiao’s arms.

She had to look up to talk to Bai Mu Qing.

Seeing this, Shen Xiao felt very upset. Regardless of the wound, he pulled Shen Yu up and said, “Sit on the sofa!”

Shen Yu, “…”

Who really can’t when it will wind or rain with this person?

Shen Yu was very cautious when she helped him with medicine and didn’t dare to be careless.

As a result, as soon as he stretched out his hand, all her efforts were in vain!

After taking a deep breath, Shen Yu obediently got up and sat next to Shen Xiao.

As soon as Shen Xiao’s arm exerted force, the wound began to ooze blood again. 

Shen Yu quickly put a pillow on her leg, put his hand on the pillow, and blew gently against the wound before she continued to apply the medicine.

Bai Mu Qing silently watched the interaction between the two brothers and sisters.

Covering her mouth she chuckled, “You two have a good relationship, and I also have a younger sister, but we can’t sit down and talk, and we fight each other when we meet.”

Shen Xiao was very satisfied with this posture, and again got interested in chatting, “How old is your sister?”

Bai Mu Qing said, “She had just passed her twentieth birthday. She studied acting at the Film Academy.”

Shen Xiao asked Shen Yu, “You also seem to be studying at a film school??”

Shen Yu, “…”

This elder brother didn’t even know where his sister studied.

“Yeah.” Shen Yu answered casually.

Hearing it, Bai Mu Qing was a little surprised, and quickly said, “Do you know my sister? Her name is Bai Mu Yu.”

Shen Yu, “…”

They were more than acquaintances with Bai Mu Yu, they also fought a while ago. 

After thinking about it, Shen Yu said, “I’m not familiar with her.”

They didn’t have any friendship, they were really unfamiliar.

Bai Mu Qing said, “Then I will find an opportunity to introduce you to each other. At the end of next month, the school will hold an anniversary celebration…” 

“She is busy preparing for the program. And I will also participate as an alumnus.”

If she introduced them to each other, it would be nice not to fight in the future! 

But if Bai Mu Qing went back and talked about her with her sister, she didn’t know what other problems it would create.

It’s really meeting an enemy on a narrow road!

Shen Yu was putting gauze on Shen Xiao’s hand, but Shen Xiao didn’t cooperate. 

He raised his arms and lowered them, having a great time. He didn’t let her wrap the wound properly, Shen Yu almost vomited blood because of his teasing.

After Bai Mu Qing finished speaking, he asked Shen Yu, “What about you? Will you be in a show then??”

Shen Yu, “…”

Is this really not deliberately humiliating her??

She is a big girl with 1.7 meters height, what kind of show can she perform?! Shake your big belly??!

Bai Mu Qing seemed to understand her entanglement. She unhurriedly interrupted, “Shen Xiao, do you want to go there? I can invite you.”

Shen Yu, “…”

Let Shen Xiao go to the school anniversary celebration. Isn’t this deliberately messing with her?!

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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