TIVYS: Chapter-12 (Part-2)


The crowd of onlookers couldn’t help but whisper, “He has a knife!”

Shen Yu also saw the knife, and only felt more anxious. Although she had been ruthlessly bullied by Shen Xiao, seeing him in danger with her own eyes made her worry for him. 

After all, she was his family member.

Shen Yu anxiously looked back and found that Uncle Li had already squeezed to her side. 

She hurriedly asked, “Uncle Li, what should we do now?? How do we pass this?”

Uncle Li was about the same height as her, so he also had to be on his tiptoes to look at the scene.

Hearing Shen Yu’s question, he frowned and said, “Don’t go now, Master can solve it. We can’t help him.”

Shen Yu was worried so she asked again, “Why aren’t they calling the police?”

Looking at the scene, Uncle Li shook his head, and said, “I don’t know…”

These two people here were in a hurry, but Shen Xiao over there was calm and relaxed. 

Even if he saw that the other party was holding a dagger, his brows did not frown. He just raised his hand, and several bodyguards quickly stood in a circle.

Encircling and separating the crowd, he slowly approached the person.

Because of the long distance, and the noisy surroundings were noisy, no one could not hear the conversation between the two.

Shen Xiao stood in front of the man, and looked condescendingly at him, “Lin He, you dare to come here today. You are also courageous, but do you think I will be afraid of you? Afraid of a knife that can’t even kill chickens??”

Hearing the provocation, the young man named Lin He was so embarrassed that he angrily pointed the dagger at Shen Xiao and said, “Shen Xiao, do you have to kill him? My dad just scolded you before, so you hated him for so long?!”

At a banquet last year, Mr. Lin scolded him, “He is an animal, not raised by his parents.”

Shen Xiao tilted his head and looked at Lin He, then he raised his trouser legs and squatted down. 

Lowering his voice, he smirked and said, “So what? I did it on purpose. Who let me have no parents?”

Lin He didn’t expect that Shao Xian would admit it so generously. He immediately became mad.

Lin He roared, “You are a shit…!!!”

Hearing the curse, Shen Xiao frowned, as if he couldn’t bear to look at this ugliness, and squinted his eyes and said, “What else can you do besides swearing and making trouble??…”

“Oh, yes…you will lose the cards. You can lose all the property at home in one night. Tsk tsk…Really amazing.”

Lin He blushed with anger and hatred. He supported his body and wanted to stand up. But after sitting on the ground for too long, his limbs felt a little numb for a while and he couldn’t stand up. 

So, he could only bravely say, “Surname Shen, you dare to set me up!”

Shen Xiao raised an index finger and shook at him, “You can’t say something like that. I just gambled with you, but you rushed to play a big game. Can you blame me??…”

“I even persuaded you. If you did not play at that time and lost and insisted on increasing the stakes by adding that piece of land, it won’t have happened…”

“I tried to stop you but I can’t force you.”

Was it persuading him not to play while drawing a big pie? Using other people’s inability to manage gain??

This was obviously a radical method in disguise!

Lin He only figured this out later, but it was too late then! He had already been completely caught in Shen Xiao’s trap, at that time.

Shen Xiao glanced at the dagger in his hand and said, “Why, what do you want to do with this dagger? Kill me or commit suicide?! Can you??”

Lin He had been making trouble for a while, and he was totally emotionally unstable at the moment. 

And after being hit by Shen Xiao’s poisonous tongue one after another, his whole person collapsed. The hand holding the dagger began to shake violently. 

Shen Xiao was right. He couldn’t, he didn’t dare.

Lin He was spoiled since childhood. He could even cry if he accidentally rubbed off a piece of skin. 

So how could he stab himself with a dagger? But what could he do?? 

Watching his dad begging for help and bumping into failures everywhere. Shen Xiao didn’t give his family even a way to survive, the property was taken away, and the company was reported. 

Now everyone looked at them as if they were street rats, and could be trampled by anyone.


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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
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