TIVYS: Chapter-12 (Part-1)


Just when Shen Yu was carefully thinking about her plan to destroy Shen Xiao and Bai Mu Qing’s relationship, Uncle Li knocked on the door and asked, “Miss, are you up?”

Shen Yu responded loudly, “Uncle Li, what’s the matter??”

“Miss, the breakfast is ready. I will put the food in the heat preservation box. You can eat it directly when you get up later. I’m going out to deliver the documents to the Master.”

Hearing it, Shen Yu rolled down from the bed, hurriedly wore the jacket, and jogged to open the door, “Isn’t my brother going on a date today?? Why do you want you to send him the papers??”

Uncle Li smiled and said, “He will be busy at the company in the morning, maybe in the afternoon or evening, he has to go on a date.”

Shen Yu asked again, “Are you going to send the papers now??”

“Yes, sir is waiting for it.”

After thinking for a moment, Shen Yu asked in a low voice, “Can I go with you? Today is the weekend, I want to go for a ride.”

Uncle Li was a bit surprised. 

Shen Yu used to hide at home when she was on vacation. She refused to go anywhere. 

But today, she didn’t ask to go out. It seemed that she was working hard to change slowly.

Seeing this, Uncle Li nodded with satisfaction, and said, “Then you go clean up and then come down. I will prepare some breakfast for you to eat on the road.”

Shen Yu nodded and closed the door and hurried to wash and change clothes.

When she hurried downstairs, Uncle Li had already started the car and was waiting for her in the yard.

As the car drove to Shen Xiao’s company, Shen Yu felt a little uneasy.

After all…

After coming here she was always thinking about staying away from snake disease, but from now on, she had to find ways to approach him.

It would take some time to cope with the change in mentality and adapt to the new course of action. 

About half an hour later, the car arrived at the company. Uncle Li told Shen Yu to get off first, and he went to park the car. 

As a result, when Shen Yu went to the front door of the company, she found it was noisy like someone was making trouble. 

The movement was quite loud, so she quickly took two steps forward, wanting to see the excitement, but she didn’t expect to see Shen Xiao, leading a group of bodyguards, aggressively walking out the front door.

He walked at the forefront, in a black suit and leather shoes, with prestige, walking with a pair of long legs, looking majestic. 

Seeing this, Shen Yu was shocked, secretly thinking— Are they going for battle? Going to fight people??

Shen Xiao’s tyrannical appearance made Shen Yu hesitate. Instead of going forward, she took a few steps into the crowd again, trying to hide and see what was going on inside.

Shen Group had a single office building. There was a small square in front of the building. Because it was close to a commercial street, the small square is usually filled with people.

Today was the weekend, and the flow of people was more than usual. So once something happened, you would be trapped in the blink of an eye.

Shen Yu slowly squeezed forward seeing the disgusting look of the people around him and finally saw that a paralyzed man was sitting in the clearing in the middle of the crowd. 

From the angle where Shen Yu was standing, she could only see the other person’s profile. 

Just looking at the appearance, the man should be a young person in his twenties. He had dressed well, with famous brands all over his body, but he looked mad, sitting on the ground.

It seems that this person was making trouble. Shen Yu just thought Shen Xiao was bringing a group of bodyguards to fight this person!

As soon as Shen Xiao appeared, the surrounding people automatically dispersed, allowing him to easily walk in front of the troublemaker.

When the paralyzed person sitting on the ground saw Shen Xiao coming out, his emotions got more and more excited, and he shouted, “Shen Xiao, you son of a bitch. You finally dare to get out?! You won’t let this father get better, neither will this father let you have a good time…”

“I will fu*k your mother! Today, I want everyone to know that you are the one who forced me to death!!!”

Swearing, the man waved his arm frantically, and a flash of light came from his hand. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a cold dagger.


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