TIVYS: Chapter-11 (Part-2)


In the yard, all kinds of nameless insects screamed one after another, like singing in a cantata. Their voices were clearly noisy, but they still made people feel peaceful.

Uncle Li saw that Shen Yu had been silent for a long time, thinking that she was still uncomfortable about the afternoon, so he slowly comforted her, “Don’t be too sad. Master has been like this for so many years…”

Shen Yu nodded and said, “Then Uncle Li, will you ever get angry with him?”

When Shen Xiao had a snake essence attack, no one could stop him. Even if Uncle Li was an elder, he was still stunned by him. 

Shen Xiao didn’t know how to respect people.

“It’s enough to be angry, but sometimes I feel distressed for him.”

Uncle Li raised his head and stared at the night sky as if he was looking at the distance and reminiscing.

“He was actually very lively when he was a child, and he only became introverted when he grew up. Master was a very smart child, very different from ordinary children.”

“When the old master and the old lady left, the master took over the company and stayed up day and night until he was admitted to the hospital.” 

Uncle Li sighed and said, “I’m not good, I couldn’t help Master much. So I could only watch over him.”

Shen Yu shook her head and sincerely said, “It’s not like that…Because of Uncle Li’s presence, this home is stable.”

Because there was a tolerant elder like Uncle Li this place had the warmth of home.

Thinking about the future, Shen Yu suddenly felt a little pain. 

As the plot progressed, Shen Xiao would blacken and Uncle Li would be driven out of the villa by Bai Mu Qing!

Shen Yu took a deep breath and depressedly thought, how could such a tolerant and warm elder who wholeheartedly thought about his master’s welfare would be heartlessly driven away from this house?!

But, whether she liked it or not, what was the difference? Anyway, the ending had long been arranged.

Shen Yu was entangled when she heard Uncle Li say, “When you were eating just now, I heard the master talk about dating a female celebrity? What kind of person is she? Master is 29 years old, it’s a good age to marry a wife and have children. If the other party is good, I will persuade him to marry her.”

Shen Yu was taken aback, so she hurriedly said, “The horoscope hasn’t matched yet, so don’t ask!” 

That woman was a troublemaker, she didn’t want Shen Xiao to marry her. No one in this family would have a good life after that.

Yes, right now Shen Xiao and Bai Mu Qing hadn’t started dating, could she move her hands and feet to prevent them from getting together?? 

Could the plot ending be changed like this?!

After all, when she was reading the book, the characters in the book were two-dimensional, and had to walk through the plot step by step. 

But now as she entered the plot, she had become an unstable factor in the original storyline. 

Did that mean that she could actually influence the development of the plot?!

Thinking of this possibility, Shen Yu’s heart beat faster. 

Since there was no way to leave Shen’s family and she didn’t want to have a miserable ending, then she could only fight for herself and this family.

She could slowly change Shen Xiao’s future, and thus change her ending?!

Although this idea was a bit scary, it might not be impossible!

At this moment, Shen Yu was like a traveler who was trekking before dawn and she suddenly saw a bright light on the horizon!!

When Shen Yu woke up the next day, she didn’t immediately get up but laid down in bed thinking about things. 

Last night, she was blessed and was finally able to think about how to save herself. 

She had to first dismantle Shen Xiao and Bai Mu Qing and then keep them from getting together.

Although the idea was good, when she woke up and her mind became clearer, she finally found it was a bit of a difficult task. 

First, her and Shen Xiao’s life overlap was only limited to the home. She didn’t know what Shen Xiao does on weekdays. 

Shen Xiao’s severe snake disease character was actually a bit scary. 

If she brazenly damaged his interest, would he righteously kill his relative in a fit of anger?!

That was possible.

So the most important thing was to sincerely think about the details and plan it more carefully.


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Please update it! 🥺 🙏 This book is really good.