TIVYS: Chapter-11 (Part-1)


Before, Shen Yu was still busy discussing with Uncle Li, why Shen Xiao would buy her Little Dog, a dog that was so small and so cute.

And, today Shen Yu suddenly found out that buying the Little Dog was not to make her happy but to get one more handle on her. 

She had been with the puppy for so many days, and she had already gotten attached to it, so how could she really not care about it?

Shen Yu got more and more depressed as she analyzed it. 

Shen Xiao was a top-level conspirator. And a pure-hearted person like her became a small ant in front of him, who could be crushed to death by the soles of his big feet at any time!!

She couldn’t escape, she couldn’t fight, Shen Yu really doesn’t know what to do now.

Did she want to be so stubbornly held by him, and finally be hurt by him, and in the end have a tragic ending??

Shen Yu irritably rolled around on the bed, thinking that God had given her a chance to live again, but after living a few days, she realized that this opportunity was a dead end.

She was really unwilling!!

Just when she was busy thinking about it, Uncle Li knocked on her door, “Miss, dinner is ready. Come and eat it.”

At the moment, Shen Yu truly didn’t want to face Shen Xiao, so she unhappily said, “Uncle Li, you should eat first, I have no appetite tonight.”

Uncle Li paused and slowly said, “Miss, Master said that if you don’t eat, then Little Dog will also not have dinner tonight.”

Shen Yu, “…”

When she reached the dining hall, she saw Shen Xiao was already sitting at the dining table and was busy playing with a mobile phone. 

Seeing her coming down, Shen Xiao even winked at her and asked her to obediently sit down, and then he continued typing on the mobile phone.

Shen Xiao didn’t move his chopsticks, and Shen Yu didn’t move either. She sat opposite him and stared at the dishes in a dazed manner until Shen Xiao put down the phone and asked something.

“Do you know Bai Mu Qing?” Shen Xiao raised his phoenix eyes and asked her.

Shen Yu paused for a few seconds before nodding, she said, “She is a big star.”

Shen Xiao sneered and said, “You eat dinner obediently tonight, and I will bring you some signed photos of her tomorrow.”

Hearing it, Shen Yu gathered her divergent thoughts and hesitantly asked him, “Are you in a relationship with her now?”

Shen Xiao raised his thin eyebrows, tutted twice, and disgustedly said, “Things like love are only talked about by brain-disabled people.”

Shen Yu, “…”

So did he and the white lotus not hook up yet?!

Knowing that Shen Xiao had an appointment with the white lotus, Bai Mu Qing the next day, Shen Yu was in a little mixed mood. 

When she was reading this novel, Shen Yu didn’t think much about the villain. The only thing she hated in the book was the white lotus female partner.

It could be said that all the bad events in the plot were almost directly or indirectly caused by the white lotus, Bai Mu Qing. 

The villain, Shen Xiao even turned against the male protagonist Situ Yi under her fanfare and finally fought him to death.

Knowing the plot, Shen Yu felt repulsive and disgusted just by hearing Bai Mu Qing’s name.

If Shen Xiao really got into a relationship with Bai Mu Qing, then she would have to see Bai Mu Qing more in the future.

Just thinking about it made her feel uncomfortable!

Although Shen Xiao said that falling in love was only for brain-disabled people, Bai Mu Qing was very popular now and could easily handle the crowd. 

And Shen Xiao had to go to many social occasions where he had to bring a female partner.

At first, they were indeed not together because of love, but later, as time passed, Shen Xiao’s territorial awareness grew strong.

And he naturally started regarding Bai Mu Qing as his own woman. And with a little trick, Bai Mu Qing sent Shen Xiao onto the path of blackness.

Thinking about it, Shen Yu couldn’t help but sigh.

After dinner that night, Shen Xiao went out. Without him, Shen Yu wasn’t so anxious to go back to the room, instead, she stayed in the yard with Uncle Li.

In the autumn, the weather was still sultry but there was a cool breeze during the night, which was very comfortable.

Shen Yu stretched out and lay comfortably on the rocking chair, holding a paper fan, occasionally fanning it to drive away the mosquitoes.

Uncle Li lit a mosquito-repellent incense next to her, and brought another plate of fruit for Shen Yu, before sitting on another rocking chair.

The Little Dog also laid down next to her, and took a nap.



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