TIVYS: Chapter-10 (Part-1)


After playing with the ‘Little Dog’ in the garden for a while, Shen Yu went back to the room to change into sportswear and then went to the gym to exercise for two more hours.

Realizing that she couldn’t escape from Shen’s house unless Shen Xiao wanted, Shen Yu had settled down and stopped making useless struggles. 

After that she began to carefully understand the layout of this villa, to integrate herself here as soon as possible. 

During which she found that there was a gym in the villa next to the lobby on the first floor, which contained various expensive exercise equipment.

So from that day onwards, Shen Yu would go to the gym to exercise after school.

Today, like always after running on the treadmill for half an hour, she started stretching. 

Although it was still painful at first, Shen Yu still gritted her teeth and endured the pain. 

As long as she could survive the initial pain, later it would be relaxing.

After performing a few sets of routine actions, Shen Yu’s entire face was red and wet. 

As she was about to get up and wipe her sweat and drink some warm water, she saw Shen Xiao leaning against the door and watching her. 

Shen Xiao was wearing simple trousers with a white shirt. The three buttons under the collar were unbuttoned, revealing a little chest, making him look wild and casual.

Shen Xiao was quietly leaning against the door. His mouth was hooked up, he stared at her with a smile.

Shen Yu suddenly felt her scalp numb and instantly thought. 

How long had this person been watching her from the door?! Why wasn’t there any sound at all? 

He was smiling so treacherously, did he have any bad idea in his head again?!

Shen Yu started to feel afraid again.

Fortunately, in the evening, Shen Xiao didn’t do anything. After eating the dinner, he went into the study and never came out. 

Shen Yu was happy and relieved, so she took the Little Dog and returned to her room to rest early.

However, after returning home from school the next afternoon, Shen Yu found that Uncle Li was busy directing several laborers in the living room!!

Shen Yu was confused, so asked Uncle Li, “What are you doing, Uncle Li?”

Uncle Li awkwardly smiled and said, “Smashing the wall.”

Shen Yu, “…”

Shen Yu felt strange.

Did Shen Xiao have a special liking for smashing houses and walls? Only a few days back he had smashed the house that she had rented, and now he again started smashing the place where she was staying?! 

If this continued, would she still have a house to live in?!

“Is there anything wrong with this wall??” Shen Yu curiously asked Uncle Li.

Looking at her, Uncle Li sighed and said, “Mister said, tear down this wall and replace it with a transparent glass wall.”

Shen Yu frowned and in a puzzled voice asked, “Then the entire gym will be exposed to the living room? Is there any benefit in it?!”

Uncle Li shook his head and sighed more.

“Mister’s mind, how can I guess.”

After speaking, Uncle Li went busy again, leaving Shen Yu sitting on the side, holding the little dog in a daze.

Exposing the gym to the living room would it be aesthetically beautiful?!

However, the weird aesthetics of a snake disease person was very different from an ordinary person.

She could never understand his logic.

Uncle Li was very competent, it only took him two days to transform the earlier brick wall of the gym into a thick transparent glass wall. 

By the way, he even has a few small wall lamps on the other two walls. After turning it on, there was like a filter for the gym. 

During the inspection of the wall, Shen Xiao was also there. He carefully touched the clean glass wall and asked Shen Yu, “What do you think of this?!”

Shen Yu didn’t doubt him, and honestly said “Good lighting, it looks very beautiful. You have a good vision!”

Shen Xiao unpredictably smiled and said, “It is fine if you like it.”

Shen Yu, “…”

His words sounded weird as if this wall was specially built for her.

As a result, when she went to the gym the next day to exercise, the truth finally emerged.



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