Transmigrated Into The Villain’s Younger Sister [TIVYS]


Author: Xue Mo
Genre: Modern
Tags: BG
Total chapters: 109 Chapters + 6 Extras
Translator: bigCat


Unknowingly, Shen Yu transmigrated into a dog-blood romance novel. She was the unfortunate cannon fodder, and her adopted brother was the big BOSS villain in the novel.

The BOSS villain deliberately fought nefariously against the main male lead and faced an utter defeat for a White Lotus.


Shen Yu wiped the cold sweat off her forehead remembering their ending in the novel. Thankfully she came earlier, and the big BOSS villain has yet to meet the White Lotus.

After transmigrating, Shen Yu tried and conspired to destroy the relationship between the BOSS villain and the White Lotus.

But who could have imagined that this big BOSS villain brother was quite perverted? Not only did he forcefully feed her strawberries, but he even gashed his own hands without blinking an eye!


She’s soooo afraid!!!

BOSS Villain: “Baby, do you like me?”


Little Bunny: “No. We are brother and sister!”

BOSS Villain: “Don’t create trouble, you are a baby who was picked from the dumpsters.”

Little Bunny: “…

{Chapters are split in Translation.}

Table of Content

Chapter-1 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ] (Foxaholic)
Chapter-2 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ] (Foxaholic)
Chapter-3 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-4 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-5 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-6 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-7 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-8 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-9 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-10 [Part-1] [Part-2]

Chapter-11 [Part-1] [Part-2]

Chapter-12 [Part-1] [Part-2]

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