TEBV: Chapter-9


Chu Li raised his head and looked at the man who had bought him from the cage.

He Guan stepped on the carpet and approached the cage, after opening the cage door he threw off the lock.

He took out a set of clothes from the closet and threw them to Chu Li, and irrelevantly answered, “Put them on.”

Chu Li stared at the open cage door and He Guan who had already walked away after opening the cage door in disbelief.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will run away??”

He Guan sat down on the bed, and said, “I thought your intelligence was normal.”

Chu Li, “…”

Firstly, in the current state, Chu Li didn’t look like someone physically strong enough to overcome He Guan.

Secondly, on this absurd ship, so far, only He Guan had listened to him and even had the intention of negotiating with him.

Chu Li bit his pale lip and slowly tried to walk out of the cage.

As he stood up, the fabric on his body got torn apart due to movement. 

Chu Li resisted the immense shame and cast a glance at He Guan. 

But the young man didn’t know when had turned to the other side of the bed, and only his back was facing him. 

The young man’s head was slightly lowered, and he didn’t even move after the sound.

Chu Li was stunned again.

But he didn’t hesitate any longer and quickly changed his clothes.

Meanwhile, He Guan was fiddling with his mobile phone.

The identity of the original owner was a liar. In his contact, out of a hundred, ninety-seven were people like him.

In the remarks, many fake business ids, invitations, and other certificates were mentioned.

In front of those invitations and business cards, there were the names of various famous hotels and high-level clubs.

Seeing it, He Guan smiled, this was somewhat new for him.

After carefree squandering, the original owner sent the rest of the capital flow to such people, which formed a commercial chain.

So interesting.

As for the remaining three friends in the contact, the remarks were— 

Ren Ning, Father-in-law, and Blind Man.

Before he could think more about the other two names besides Ren Ming, Chu Li caught his attention.

Seeing Chu Li had dressed up, He Guan put down his phone and nodded.

Then he threw the things in his hand to Chu Li and said, “Get it.”

There were no extra clothes in the room, so Chu Li was wearing a pair of beach pants that was a few inches above Chu Li’s knees.

When Chu Li was in a hurry to catch the key, his slender legs tripped over each other, and he was about to fall.

Chu Li, “Hey…”

He Guan clicked his tongue and went over to help Chu Li. He felt like taking care of a high school student, still a not-so-smart type.

After helping, He Guan quickly released his hand and reproachfully said, “Stupid?”

Chu Li didn’t dare to refute, he was still holding the key in his hand. But the corner of his mouth was raised.

The young man’s tone was like that of his high school class teacher.

He Guan, “The key is for the collar, open it, and the waist chain will also be removed.”

“Okay, Sir.”

Chu Li did not know how to call the young man, so he could only call him, sir.

After calling, Chu Li peeked at He Guan’s face.

(Originally translated by Beauty Brute.)

Behind the mask, He Guan’s eyes were bright and deep. He was looking at Chu Li’s collar at the moment as if thinking about something.

Chu Li untied the collar, and the waist chain that came with it naturally fell off.

Chu Li obediently put the collar and waist chain on the soft carpet and was afraid of interrupting He Guan, who was bust thinking about something.

After a while, Chu Li only dared to whisper, “Sir??”

He Guan, “You should know that I didn’t buy you for no reason, right?”

Chu Li quickly nodded, in response.

He Guan, “I am your fan.”

Chu Li, “Um… eh??!!”

He Guan’s voice was hoarse, and there was a smile in his eyes.

“I am chasing after the talent show you have participated in.”

Knowing that the young man was his fan, Chu Li covered his mouth in surprise.

He Guan said, “Seeing that you have recently been embarrassed by that person named He Guan, I tried to pay more attention to you than before.”

Hearing it, Chu Li’s eyes suddenly turned red.


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