TEBV: Chapter-7


He Guan transmigrated in the book and he had the memory of the original body, so he naturally knew that the original body and the scum gong were not good people. 

The reason why it was said that the blackened pot matched with the blackened lid was because…

They got together as soon as they saw each other. 

He Guan took a step back and quickly responded, “Lou Jun Duo, don’t touch me! “

Lou Jun Duo’s eyes lit up when he heard his name, he said in an excited tone, “I knew, I knew you still remember me. Guan Guan, I miss you so much…”

He Guan opened the door wide, and lowered his voice to say, “You have crossed the border.”

Lou Jun Duo was stunned and in a surprised voice he said, “I just wanted to touch…”

He Guan raised his eyes, the upper half of his eyes looked like he was crying a mess, and covered his last bit of dignity with a mask.

Lou Jun Duo asked cautiously, “Guan Guan??”

The thick eyelashes of He Guan trembled. At this time, his eyes looked tinted with tears. 

In a lonely voice, He Guan stubbornly asked, “Then why did you buy him?”

Lou Jun Duo didn’t understand, he asked “What…what??”

The question completely ignited He Guan’s anger, so he couldn’t help but angrily, “How can he look so much like me??!”

Then the light in his eyes dimmed a little. He shivered in a depressed manner and slowly asked, “Don’t you know? You say…how don’t I know you?”

After the pause between the words, He Guan’s complexion looked pale and miserable.

After speaking, He Guan slowly squatted down.

He grabbed his head and murmured, “Lou Jun Duo, do you know how happy I was when I saw your assistant today? I already knew that there was an assistant by your side, who wears glasses. Seeing him touching his nose, I knew you are here…”

“But what did you do??”

“You were bidding against me.”

“A guy who told me that he liked me is now busy buying someone who looks a lot like me!”

“Do I know you? How do I know you??”

“Should I say I spent a billion just to disturb your future love life?!”

When he said, He Guan’s voice was breaking, he wrapped his arms around himself, curled up, in a self-protective manner. 

He refused to communicate with Lou Jun Duo.

Lou Jun Duo stopped and remembered today’s events.

He was not angry, on the contrary, he was overjoyed when he heard He Guan’s words.

This showed that He Guan still cared about him. 

At that time, his He Guan was so pure, and now he was still thinking of being a couple to him for the rest of his life. He was even jealous, minding his thoughts on others.

This realization made Lou Jun regain his senses.

He coaxed He Guan in a low voice, “Don’t get angry, okay? It’s only five hundred million, I will take care of it for you.”

“Let him help you as an assistant, okay? You came here alone today, right?? I will give him to you, I won’t take him, okay??”

He Guan let out a soft hiccup and slowly asked, “What are you talking about?”

Hearing the hiccup, Lou Jun Duo laughed and went to pull He Guan’s arm.

He Guan didn’t hide this time, he stood up but didn’t speak for a while.

Lou Jun Duo warmly asked, “What’s wrong, Guan Guan??”

He Guan murmured, “Bit sloppy.”

He Guan was sweating on his forehead because of his intense and excited behavior just now, so Lou Jun Duo grabbed him and carefully wiped the sweat off.

But He Guan avoided him for the second time.

Seeing that, Lou Jun Duo’s brow was sullen, and he became a little irritated. He lifted his eyes and saw He Guan’s angry reaction.

In anger, He Guan puffed out his cheeks looking like a white rose with a red tint,

He Guan gloomily said, “I haven’t calmed down yet.”

The conditions were still lacking. 

Lou Jun Duo immediately knew that he was trying hard to get.

Lou Jun Duo coaxed him with a smile and said, “Then you stand firm and I will take off the mask, okay? It’s not good to leave tears on your face.”

He Guan pointed to the door and said, “I will wash my face after you leave. I cried so badly that I don’t want you to see me like this.”

Lou Jun Duo looked at He Guan and lovingly said, “That’s fine, but Guan Guan, you have to tell me where you live…”

“In the future, we’ll keep in touch. You just tell me your address, and I will go to the manager to sign and pay later.”

Tossing five hundred million out of thin air, and saying that it doesn’t injure was false.

Lou Jun Duo was sure to catch him first.

As for the other one, when He Guan was taken over by him, would he still care whether that small thing He Guan bought would resist?

He Guan wiped his teary eyes, and accurately said a string of addresses, “House No. 300, Hongqiao District, Huai City.”

Hearing the address, Lou Jun Duo felt a little familiar, but he didn’t think much about it and agreed.

“Guan Guan don’t lie to me, okay? If I found out, you’ll surely be punished.”

According to him, it was not difficult to know whether the address was true or false, it was only a matter of time, but he directly threatened it when He Guan said the address.

Once what He Guan said was false, he would be caught by him and “punished”. 

And if hearing the threat, He Guan did not respond, then what He Guan said was absolutely true and credible.

He Guan know the trick so he did not respond.

Seeing no change in He Guan’s expression, Lou Jun Duo smiled even more.


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