TEBV: Chapter-5


Hearing it, Ren Ning cried without tears and said, “No, no, why? How can you be like a sage? I and the fans have misread you.”

“They scold you for being cold all day, but who would spend five hundred million yuan to save a boy? Now you have to bear it alone, how many years do you have to brush the floors of the auction house to pay back the money??”

“No, I can’t go. I have to be here with you. If you…can’t pay the money, do you have to go to jail??”

He Guan sighed and said, “I have considerations, you have to just wait for me in the cabin.”

Ren Ning collapsed and helplessly said, “I was still feeling positive about you, thinking you can make money. I don’t believe much, it will be good if you don’t die now…”

He Guan raised his eyebrows slightly, some people still didn’t believe him.

He Guan smiled, his sharp canine teeth could be seen.

He Guan said, “Then just stay here and watch how I pay the money.”

He Guan pointed to the cabinet that used to hold the tea set, and slowly said, “Go and hide there, and don’t make a sound.”

Ren Ning, “???”

Ren Ning’s skeleton was thin, like a child. This tea cabinet size was just right for him.

He Guan also threw Ren Ning’s mask in the cabinet.

After squatting in the cabinet, Ren Ning looked out through the cotton curtain that hung down from the tea cabinet. And he could see a vague shadow in the room.

After fixing the room, He Guan sit down on the sofa again.

A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door and asked, “Sir?”

He Guan said, “Come in.”

He Guan stood up from the sofa, looked at the manager who had walked over, and asked with a simple smile, “What’s the matter? When can I pay?? I can’t wait to sign the purchase agreement.”

The auction manager showed a sincere smile to the young billionaire man in front of him. Hearing He Guan’s urgent tone, a stone on his chest completely fell to the ground. 

The manager said, “Sir, we are still counting the goods, please wait a few moments.”

He Guan didn’t seem to hear the word, he still said, appearing more urgent, “After signing the agreement, send him directly to my room, okay??”

The Manager said, “Okay. I came to you because somebody wanted to see you.”

He Guan asked in an amused voice, “Who?”

In an embarrassed voice, the auction manager said, “The one who just bid with you…”

In the auction house, information related to everyone’s identity was confidential.

The manager didn’t dare to offend the eldest son of the Lou family. 

What kind of family was the Lou family, a family that covered the sky in this Province. 

But he didn’t dare to offend this young man too, who had spent a lot of money— to buy a young man.

Being so young, if he could spend so much, it meant that this young man’s family had at least a billion-dollar business empire.

He Guan naturally showed disdain, and with the arrogance of a young master, he refused, “Impossible.”

The auction manager was full of sweat, but he still tried and said, “It’s not someone who you don’t know…he is…he is from the Lou family…”

Hearing it, He Guan raised his eyebrows and lightly said, “Lou Jun Duo?”

The scumbag.

The manager saw that the young man said Lou Jun Duo’s name with great accuracy, and was even more convinced that this person’s identity must be higher than Lou Jun Duo’s.

The manager hurriedly answered, “Yes, yes, it’s Mr. Lou.”

He Guan smiled. His smile was a mixture of a little speechless and petting.

The auction manager’s eyes were dazzled, and he only felt that his brain was like a steamed pot, humming.

But he didn’t dare to understand what kind of relationship He Guan and Lou Jun Duo share.

He Guan, “Let him come.”

He Guan pondered for a moment and said, “You can help me send him a word if you didn’t come.”

The manager wiped the sweat with a handkerchief and tentatively asked, “You say it, I will send it.”

He Guan said, “Say my surname is He and name is Guan, and let him come by himself.”

The Manager asked, “Just this. That’s all??”

He Guan showed a light-hearted look again.

The auction manager knew that he behaved impatiently, so he hurriedly nodded.

The manager rushed to Lou Jun Duo’s room and knocked on the door.


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I see what he is planning to do ~
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