TEBV: Chapter-3


Brilliant golden spotlights illuminate the venue in a beautiful warm golden hue. The audience was full of people wearing masks.

Under the cover of the mask, the whole auditorium seemed like a gathering of inhuman species.

The obscuring disc in the middle of the central circular platform moved—

The auctioneer rose from the ground with the golden hammer in his hand. He spread his arms and greeted the crowd.

The box where He Guan was sitting was on the second floor. Looking down from the second floor, the place looked like a  beautiful spider cave.

The auction started.

The auction objects at the beginning were nothing unusual. He Guan yawned after listening to the auctioneer’s auctioned pen holder, wooden chair, jewelry made of ade, paintings…

He Guan tilted his head and glanced at Ren Ning, who had long been asleep.

Until the auctioneer showed a…boy.

His body was apparently soaked in formalin. His soft black hair was floating up, and his body was huddled together, revealing the severed spine in his back.

In the spine, two thin black bone wings were attached.

But the boy had a very beautiful face, and even as a specimen it had a strange sense of peace in it.

The auctioneer’s voice was strangely warm as he said, “Don’t worry, this is a doll. It was carved into the present shape by the designer, and the liquid was not formalin, but colorless and odorless silica gel.”

He continued, “Look at it, look, how beautiful, how soft…”

Immediately someone from below shouted, “One and a half million!”

For the previous products, the base price of the auction was one million yuan, and the minimum price increase was a hundred thousand yuan.

The auctioneer’s mask was different from the silver mask of the guests, his mask was gold.

At this moment, he smiled with mask-colored teeth, raised his fingers, made a pouting lip, and said, “Shhh…” he corrected the man kindly, “it’s not a million this time, sir.”

“The starting auction price was five million and the minimum increase price was two hundred thousand. The auction starts now!”

“Okay! This gentleman is the first to call out 5.8 million…”

“Six million!”

“Eight million!”

“Ten million!”

“Ten million! Ten million! It’s a deal!”

Obviously, the auction had been upgraded, and the main event was coming soon.

He Guan turned around and woke up Ren Ning beside him and said, “Is there a camera in the venue?”

Ren Ning widened his eyes and saw the situation on the field clearly, and slowly said, “No, when I came in, my mobile phone was taken away, and no electronic equipment was allowed to enter the venue.”

Hearing it, He Guan frowned.

Ren Ning asked, “What’s wrong??”

He Guan shook his head. He was just thinking about the possibility of rescuing the protagonist shou safely from here 

This auction was taking place in the middle of the sea. And for the sake of confidentiality, there were jammers everywhere.

While coming to the venue, he had carefully checked the place. It seemed there was no connection with the outside world here.

If someone wanted to attract the police, at least they must pass the news in advance, and he had just passed through the book, and he still didn’t know about the police force in this world.

The police couldn’t help, so it had to be ruled out. 

He Guan sat back in his seat, waiting for the protagonist shou to appear.

Finally, the lights in the auction venue changed, the original warm golden color was suddenly mixed with a beautiful blood red, and all the lights in the audience suddenly illuminated the venue brilliantly.

The background music became more lively, foreshadowing the advent of a carnival feast.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Our last auction item is coming soon!”

Finally Coming.

The auctioneer sank back to the ground of the central platform again and when he rose again,  there was a rectangular iron cage beside him.

The cage was plain and black with fine meshes, and a person was locked in a cage.

The skeleton looked like that of a male, the body was as white as snow as if he had never seen the sun.

The clothes on the man’s body were a white tulle with glitter, which could only cover the important parts, and it was no different from not wearing it.

The man had soft, shiny black hair. He was half-kneeling in the cage while lowering his head. 

His pale fingers passed through the holes of the cage, and tightly held onto something, showing a strange red color.

He Guan frowned and observed for a moment, only to realize that it was a slender silver chain.

It hung down from the collar around the neck and was tied to the body in a dignified way, strangling out the soft flesh.

There were exclamations from the audience in the front that came one after another.

He Guan couldn’t see the face of the boy from his position, he only saw the transparent snow-like skin.

The auctioneer pressed the button outside the cage.

He Guan was looking from behind, and his excellent eyesight allowed him to see the instrument attached to the button.


The man in the cage instantly convulsed in pain.

Because it was too painful, the man unconsciously clamped his back and raised his neck like white jade.

The man was slender and looked fragile. 

He was the most beautiful “item” in this auction today.

There was even a microphone beside the cage.

The man’s painful sobbing and his gasping breaths sounded in the arena.

Some of the men in the audience made explicit swallowing noises watching a defenseless, near-full fruit, male suffering.

The auction begins.



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4 months ago

Ugh, disgusting people…. Poor child :<
Thank You for the chapter (。・ω・。)ノ♡