TEBV: Chapter-12


Ren Ning asked, “Aren’t you going back to the company’s dormitory with me??”

“…Isn’t there a press conference tomorrow? Do you remember? Tomorrow at ten o’clock for No Limit’s debut!”

No Limit was the name of the upcoming men’s singing group in the show “The Talents”. 

The group meant unlimited. Being unlimited in ability and unlimited passion.

Who would have thought that after his sudden death, he would open his eyes and come to this completely weird world?

He Guan replied, “I remember. Tomorrow, I will come on time. I won’t create any hot searches. So don’t worry, just go home.”

Fortunately, the original body was also the type of quiet person, so Ren Ning didn’t ask much, and left by himself.

He Guan waited for his taxi, and when it came he quickly got into the car, and pulled his seat belt, “Master, go to house no. 300, Hongqiao District.”

The driver was not young but an old driver. Hearing the address, he paused for a moment and asked, “How did you get to that barren mountain?”

He Guan replied, “My home is over there, I can’t help it.”

The old driver said, “That’s true. Otherwise, why would anybody go there if he has nothing to do? The road there is not easy to walk, and the place was far from here. It may cost more than two hundred yuan.”

He Guan said, “If you think that after driving out of the main city, you can  increase the price to four hundred and five hundred, I will not pay you back.”

Hearing this, the master palely concealed his intention to increase the price and said, “Look at what you said, we drivers just like to drive and chat. I didn’t say that to blackmail you.”

He Guan smiled in response, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

It was March, and the day was sunny but sitting in the taxi, there was still a chill in the air.

The house was far away from the urban area, so there were only a few people who could be seen along the way.

The sky was getting bluer and the atmosphere was getting more and more sullen.

He Guan leaned back on the seat and narrowed his deep eyes.

He put his fingers on a patch of sunlight leaking from the car window, thinking about the countermeasures for a while.

Lou Jun Duo was bad and arrogant, so playing as a little weak boy worked, Chu Li was pitiful and fragile, so comforting him, and giving him self-confidence was simple.

But what about this one? This one was tricky.

About this person…The original body didn’t even tell Ren Ning.

This person was the uncle of scumbag Gong, Lou Dong Zang, the “blind man” in the original body’s remarks, and also the original body’s legal husband.

While reading the novel, He Guan didn’t take the characters seriously but now that he came in, he realized that same-sex marriage was legal in this world.

He’s going to meet soon…Lou Dong Zang.

Married out of thin air, with an extra partner, and that too still a male.

He Guan’s fingers ended up hanging over the windows, blocking the midday sun.

The sun slanted, dyeing his half-squinted eyelashes in a clear golden-brown color.

He Guan quietly sat, without making a sound, turning his eyes, which were also illuminated in a light amber color, to look at this rapidly moving world.

A brand new world in which he was going to live.

This time, he won’t lose both his parents. 

This time, because of a business trip abroad, he won’t miss their burial, nor will he work for several days in a row, destroying himself to the bone. 

Sitting in front of the computer with guilt, closing his eyes only because of a strong dizziness. This time he would only live for himself.

He Guan paid three hundred yuan when he got off the taxi.

From District Port to Hongqiao District, it only costs two hundred yuan to drive for two hours.

But in the middle of the journey, He Guan asked his driver to turn to the shopping complex and stuffed an entire taxi with daily necessities and food.

Turned around and waited for He Guan to buy things, plus the shipping cost, there was an extra hundred yuan added in the original fare.

He Guan happily paid the money. 

After that, he took a pile of daily necessities, including but not limited to fast food and water, and looked at the gloomy house in front of him.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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