TEBV: Chapter-11


He Guan, “Didn’t you say on the show that you can’t sleep in the presence of strangers? I’m going to squeeze with my friends.”

Hearing it, Chu Li blushed a little. He was surprised that this person remembered his habit.

The color on his face changed, again and again, finally he bit his lip and said, “If that person is you…”

He Guan coldly said, “Neither can I! No one should!”

He had just entered the entertainment industry, and he was ready to give his body to someone who was pretending to be kind and had a little money.

Of course, He Guan did not think that Chu Li wanted to use his body to get a frame by shortcut because He Guan knew that this was the root cause of Chu Li’s poor conditions.

Chu Li was an orphan. He had no parents or loved ones who could care for him since he was a child. 

After being discovered by his agent, he was finally able to afford food and clothing and even be a little well-off. 

That’s why he didn’t doubt that the other party wanted to sell him.

Whenever someone treated him with a little bit, Chu Li would unconsciously try to please that person and wanted to repay him.

Now he had nothing but his body, and he wanted to use it to repay.

A person with a typical soft personality.

Since He Guan decided to take over Chu Li’s under his command, he wouldn’t let him think like that anymore.

Otherwise, his future career would be affected.

Hearing those words, Chu Li was taken aback, but after a while, it felt sweet.

Someone was worried about him.

He watched the man go out. 

Seeing that the person never took off his mask, Chu Li was a little disappointed, and boldly asked, “Sir, can you show me your face?”

Hearing it, He Guan paused but soon he walked out the door.

From behind, Chu Li asked again, “If that doesn’t work…then…Sir, can I ask…what’s your name?”

He Guan still didn’t answer.

Seeing the two questions were not answered, Chu Li lowered his head. He felt a little remorse, and slowly tears burned his eyes.

That’s right, how could a person like Sir, who was willing to spend five hundred million to buy him, would casually “disclose” his personal information?

Before closing the door, He Guan pondered for a while, and said, “We’ll meet soon. You’ll know then.”

Hearing it, Chu Li was overjoyed. He asked, “Really?!”

He Guan smiled again and said, “Of course.”

He still had to go back and withdraw from the group, so Chu Li could enter.

Naturally, they would meet soon.

Chu Li stared into He Guan’s eyes, then he heard He Guan say, “Sleep, early.”

Chu Li answered in his heart, I will.

I quickly want to be a big star, and then pay off the master’s debt. 

Early the next morning at the seaport terminal, He Guan was standing while 

holding an ice cream cone.

He had bought a fresh peony flower with green leaves from the little girl selling flowers in the corner.

He was wearing a casual shirt, white jacket, and pants with a white mask. He looked young and energetic. 

Ren Ning grabbed a taxi to send Chu Li back to the apartment. After coming back, he went to find someone, and almost went blind.

He didn’t know if it was his delusion, but he always felt that He Guan looked a little different after a serious illness.

He looked calmer.

Ren Ning walked over and said, “Has Chu Li seen your face?”

To be honest, this morning, Ren Ning was also taken aback when he saw that last night’s person was Chu Li. 

Then he heard He Guan say that he wanted him to send Chu Li off the boat, so he naturally agreed.

After all, he belonged to a company. 

Although he couldn’t spend five hundred million yuan like He Guan, he could still deal with trivial matters like sending people off the ship.

He Guan, “No, he just got in there because of some bad luck. Now I don’t need to disturb him.”

He Guan’s expression was light, Ren Ning knew at a glance that he really thought so.

Looking at He Guan’s white shining clothes, he sighed, “You will have a new nickname in the future.”

He Guan, “?”

Ren Ning, “White He.”

He Guan stroked his shelves and casually said, “It’s like this…the name won’t stop me from kicking you.”

Hearing the threat, Ren Ning took three steps back.

Seeing this, He Guan smiled and waved his hand to leave.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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