TEBV: Chapter-10


In the end, only five people would debut in the “The Talent” show.

Chu Li was originally contestant No. 5, and the top four were all powerful seniors. He was looking forward to his debut for a long time. 

Compared with other contestants, Chu Li was better. He could easily keep the top five, so he did not ask the fans to vote more.

However, he was pushed down by He Guan, who came up halfway, always looking at him with contempt, and claiming to be casually playing in the entertainment industry.

After panicking, he realized it was too late to ask fans to vote more.

The rich master image of He Guan was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Of course, it also meant stepping on Chu Li’s fame.

Countless people happily rushed to vote for the good-looking person who didn’t want to debut and voted him into the top three in one fell swoop.

As a result, Chu Li was suppressed.

Chu Li hated He Guan at that time.

Obviously, you were here to play in the entertainment industry, why do you want to grab a position that others couldn’t get after working so hard? 

What was even more incomprehensible was why did those netizens vote for such a reason?

But it was a foregone conclusion, he had become the sixth contestant after the tragedy.

Brother Ji, the agent who brought him, came to Chu Li’s house on the night the voting results came out, with liquor.

Chu Li didn’t doubt him at all and got very drunk. 

He only remembered that Brother Ji was drunk, he hugged him and cried, “Xiao Li, brother is sorry for you…Brother took you for three years…and how can he get nothing…”

When he woke up the next day, he was already on the boat.

He Guan lowered his voice and said, “It took me a while to find you, so I was late.”

He took a tissue, pressed it under Chu Li’s eyes, and caught his big tears.

Watching him cry, he wanted to stop him, but he couldn’t think of the words, so he just said, “Big star, hug your fan.”

Chu Li hugged him and completely broke down in tears. He buried his head in the man’s shoulders and wept.

It turned out that someone really pays attention to him…

He was so scared…so scared when he found out that he was sold on a ship and stayed in a pile of goods.

He didn’t know anyone, and he was given muscle relaxants, so he couldn’t move…

No one cared about his cries and his struggles, and just dressed him up regardless of his will…

This place was a man-eating cave. 

Seeing Chu Li crying without caring about his image, He Guan stiffened.

Why are you crying even more? He just wanted to coax people.

He Guan finally raised his hand and patted Chu Li’s thin back. Being tricked into being sold was really very uncomfortable.

When Chu Li was tired from crying, He Guan said, “You can go back tomorrow morning, someone on the boat will take you off the boat, a man with curly black hair.”

Chu Li’s eyes were red, he sobbed and asked, “How, how should I repay you…That’s…that’s five hundred million…”

He Guan shook his head and said in a relaxed tone, “Don’t worry about this. Just promise me that you will be a big star when you return to the entertainment industry, and you don’t need to worry about anything else.”

The protagonist Shou was a born star, he had to return to the entertainment industry, and about the original capital—

It was all paid by Lou Jun Duo, so it had nothing to do with him.

In the original book, Chu Li was a big hit at the end. After this event his fame slowly exploded, he was Lou Jun Duo’s cash cow.

Now that He Guan has a way of digging up people, he would never let it happen.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Chu Li nodded again and again, as if he remembered something, “But I don’t have enough votes…I can’t…”

He Guan, “Don’t worry, I have a solution.”

Chu Li cautiously asked, “Can’t you say it now?”

He Guan replied, “Well. It’s a surprise for you. You’ll know it soon after going back. Don’t cry. Go to bed for a while.”

Chu Li pulled the sleeve of his bathrobe and said, “…Then, what about you??”


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