MWFSHF: Chapter-9


The white curtains were still blown up and down by the wind.

After a while, Lu Chen lowered his thin eyelids, silently lifted the quilt, and quietly looked at his gauze-wrapped legs.

This feeling was close to self-abuse. 

Over the years, Lu Chen prided himself on being a very calm person, and his years of experience on the battlefield made him more capable of forcing himself to adapt to different situations than ordinary people.

It was just being paralyzed, Lu Chen thought, at least his life was saved.

Obviously, at this moment, he somehow lost control, he had already thought of all the consequences.

He was paralyzed and could no longer stand up and…

With the sound of “Dang”, the glass that Lu Chen was holding was thrown out, and the glass full of water was thrown onto the snow-white wall.

Even when his eyes were darker, his complexion was as still calm as water. Only his fists were clenched tightly.

“Master Gu, slow down…wait for us!” The doctors and nurses who were following Gu Yu called the male zerg who was running in front.

Gu Yu was feeling a little impatient. His temper was suppressed.

How could he forget this! 

Lu Chen must have known that something had happened to his legs. 

At this time, he should always be by his side. If he didn’t support him now, then what would he think about it?

Damn, Gu Yu, you’re such a da*n brainless person!

Gu Yu threw away a large pile of zerg behind him and rushed forward. 

When he was about to reach the door, he suddenly abducted a female zerg in a military uniform, who was holding some files.

Holding the medical report, Liu Zhen was startled, he hurriedly asked, “Master Gu? What are you doing in such a hurry?!”

After asking, he suddenly realized something and quickly hid the report behind him with a guilty conscience.

Gu Yu knew that something was wrong with the person, so he asked, “Adjutant Liu, what are you hiding?”

“No…it’s nothing…” Liu Zhen’s reaction was somewhat unnatural but before Gu Yu had time to pursue him, he heard a dull sound of “boom” from inside the ward.

“Lu Chen!!!”

Gu Yu was startled, he hurriedly pushed the door to enter, only to find that Lu Chen, who was originally sitting on the bed, had fallen to the ground and was trying to get up on the edge of the bed strenuously.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stand up, he fell again and again.

“What’s the matter? Major General?!” Liu Zhen asked.

Liu Zhen also wanted to look inside but Gu Yu, who was standing at the door, blocked his view. 

With a click, Gu Yu quickly closed the door back. 

Fortunately, Liu Zhen stretched his head back in time, otherwise, his head had almost got hit.

Liu Zhen touched his neck with lingering fear while holding the piece of paper inside the medical report file, with an indescribable subtlety in his eyes—

If Gu Yu wasn’t a male zerg, or wasn’t a family member of their major general, he would have cursed at him a long time ago.

The doctors and nurses who had finally caught up were also dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong? Why did he suddenly close the door?!”

“Go and ask that thing…” Liu Zhen swallowed his words and tried to politely continue, “Master Gu.”

In the room, Lu Chen stopped trying to stand up and let himself fall on the floor freely. 

His black eyes sank as he watched Gu Yu coming close.

“Don’t…come over,” Lu Chen resistingly said, “There are glass shreds here…you don’t need to come over. I will stand up by myself, you…”

His words suddenly got stuck in his throat, unable to go up and down.

Because Gu Yu had already walked over and squatted down beside him.

He even stretched out his hands to hug him tightly.

Gu Yu’s head rubbed against his neck, and his tone sounded sadder than him.

“I am going to come over, I am going to hug you…you can’t let me not come, you can’t let me not hug you…”

Listening to his sad voice, Lu Chen’s calm eyes panicked, he directly hugged him back to comfort him.

“I didn’t let you come here because there are glass shreds here. I am afraid that you will get hurt.”



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