MWFSHF: Chapter-8


The snow-white curtains were blown up and down by the winds blowing outside the window.

The cold-faced female zerg who was laying on the bed frowned in drowsiness, and his fingers moved slowly on the edge of the bed.

Feeling the moment, Gu Yu, who was dozing off on the chair beside the bed, woke up immediately.

Feeling the touch on his fingers, the sleepworm inside his mind was immediately driven out of the clouds.

“Lu…Lu Chen…?!”

Gu Yu stared at the drowsy face on the pillow and tentatively called out.

The female zerg’s thin eyelids slowly opened, and his eyes looked confused for a moment. 

After a moment, his eyes, as deep as a deep-sea, were instantly awake, so clear that they didn’t seem to ever be asleep.

Gu Yu felt a slight force on his hands.

Lu Chen, who had just woken up, still had the remaining vigilance of the battlefield. He was instinctively hostile to everyone around him.

Gu Yu didn’t let go of Lu Chen’s fingers, he even gently squeezed them.

The familiar movements made Lu Chen’s sanity completely come back. He raised his surprised eyes.

It was really his master.

“Master?! Why are you here?”

Gu Yu saw that the person was about to get up, so he hurriedly put up a pillow for him and said, “How are you feeling now? I will call the doctor right away.”

Lu Chen held Gu Yu’s hand and grabbed him, who was about to rush outside, and asked, “How many days have I slept?”

His consciousness only remembered up to when the collision as bright as daylight struck him. 

No, he also remembered the doctor’s diagnosis when he woke up from the last coma on the operating table. 

The doctors wanted to amputate his legs to remove the remaining nail embedded in his leg so they gave him an anesthetic.

After that operation, he should be transferred to the military hospital and male zergs wasn’t allowed there.

So how did he come to the military hospital?! No, why was he here?!!

When Gu Yu saw Lu Chen had a drowsy look, he quickly helped him and handed a water glass to him, and said, “You didn’t sleep too long. When I came, you had just finished the surgery, and were in the effects of anesthesia.”

“The anesthetic effect was supposed to last for two days…” Gu Yu said, “but you should be too tired after it, so you haven’t woken up.”

Gu Yu felt a little distressed for Lu Chen, so he stretched out the broken hair on the female zerg’s forehead, pinning them to the back of his head.

Lu Chen didn’t take the water glass, but solemnly stared at him and asked, “This is a military hospital, how do you come to the battlefield?”

Gu Yu put back the water glass on the side table in disbelief.

He touched his nose, with some guilty conscience and slowly said, “It should be…but this place is too far from the battlefield. It doesn’t feel like a battlefield at all…”

Coincidentally, a sharp roar past his head. A combat warship happened to pass over the hospital building.

This was very embarrassing.

Lu Chen stared at him with one eyebrow raised, as if asking, “Does this not feel like a battlefield?”

Gu Yu hurriedly grabbed the water cup in his hands again and laughed a few times. With a strong desire to survive, he said, “If I say that it just passed by today, will you believe it?!”

In answer, Lu Chen raised another eyebrow.

Lu Chen said, “I remember telling you that the battlefield is very dangerous, even in the place away from the main battlefield, you shouldn’t…”

Gu Yu was feeling too guilty now, so he suddenly became wise and said, “Ahh! I have to call the doctor. The doctor said that you have to call him when you wake up.”

While handing the water to Lu Chen, Gu Yu hurriedly walked out while saying, “I will go! You can drink the water first, don’t worry.”

He ran away like the wind.

If Charles could see the lazy Gu Yu’s running posture, he would probably fall to the ground in the shock.



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