MWFSHF: Chapter-7


After receiving the report, The Male Zerg Conservation Association was prepared, thinking that this would be a big case.

A big case of “female warlord abusing the male lord” would shock the entire zerg race and make their association more popular.

After they knocked on the door, Gu Yu opened the door holding his slippers in his hand and a toothbrush in his mouth while looking dumbly at the group of formally dressed zergs.

There was a toothpaste bubble inside his mouth, and he couldn’t communicate with them clearly.

When The Male Zerg Conservation Association inquired again, only then did they learn the whole story from Gu Yu’s mouth.

It turned out that Gu Yu like to live an ideal worm life who could eat and drink without doing anything. 

For male zerg, this ideal life wasn’t surprising, it was normal.

But the way this s-class male zerg achieved his ideal life was…a bit too extreme.

After marrying Lu Chen, Gu Yu tightly held the soft rice bowl. After the marriage, his soft rice-eating behavior was completely exposed.

Gu Yu lay at home and did not move for a month.

Yes, this month Gu Yu wasn’t illegally imprisoned or threatened by his female partner. Instead, he happily stayed at home doing nothing but eating, sleeping, playing games, and reading books.

This was the life Gu Yu loved, being happy and lazy.

Hearing Gu Yu’s definition of ideal life, The Male Zerg Conservation Association members had nothing to say. In the end, they could only euphemistically suggest:

“Dear, I think you should actually try to go out and meet other males and try to find something to do like other males…”

Gu Yu had a blank expression, “Is there anything better than staying at home?!”

The Male Zerg Protection Association, “…”

They could only say, “Just be happy.”

It’s been five years since Lu Chen and Gu Yu got married, and in those five years countless females had given up on the soft rice-eating male zerg, Gu Yu.

During this period, except for the explosive promotion of Major General Lu Chen, no other news of their married life came to the network.

But now, a sudden news report popped up on the star network that had exploded the entire star network.

Major General Lu Chen, the first commander of the Fifth Army, the famous imperial knight, was seriously injured while fighting the rebels!

[Hot Post: Is it true that Major General Lu Chen’s legs are paralyzed?!]

[P1: According to insider’s news, it was heard that Major General Lu Chen’s legs were crushed and his legs were almost amputated.]

[P2: Ooo, ooo hum, I do not believe it. Even if the military released an official statement, I still do not believe it.]

[P4: Major General can’t be injured!?]

[P5: Hey, who could have thought that obviously this time dealing with the rebels wasn’t that difficult. But this easy war took away Major General Lu’s majestic legs?]

[P10: Major General Lu Chen will be fine, he is the most outstanding soldier of our empire! The empire still needs him to protect it!! ]

[P6: Pray for Major General Lu Chen’s recovery!]

[P480: Pray for Major General Lu Chen’s recovery+890!!]

[P481: In a low voice, Am I the only one who cares about what will happen to the male lord of Major General Lu Chen?]

[P485: Upstairs, I also wanted to ask it for so long. ]

[P486: Is there anything to ask? Major General Lu Chen’s legs are useless now, is it possible that Major General still wants to occupy his male lord? The male lord is an s-class, and he had occupied it for five years…]

[P487: Agree with upstairs, Lu Chen can’t support her male lord, and the Male Zerg Protection Association will be the first to stand up for it!]

[P488: With so many females wanting to marry this male lord, he just has to marry a few more female helpers?! Let me be the first to declare that if the Major General’s male lord is looking for a female servant, then I will be the first to sign up!]

[P489: Upstairs thoughts are so beautiful, it’s not yet your turn to be the female servant of Major General’s male lord…hahaha.]

[P500: I have a small question. Even after five years of marriage, why has Major General Lu Chen not given birth to a child?]

[P501: Major General Lu Chen is busy.]

[P510: Aren’t we here praying for Major General Lu Chen’s recovery?! How come this gets crooked?!!]

[P512: Fans of Major General Lu Chen came out to chase out these disgusting bugs…]


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Ummm, I saw that there was a chapter 7 on NU and clicked the link to come here, but there isn’t anything to read?
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Thank you for the translation❤️

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