MWFSHF: Chapter-6


The famous Major General Lu Chen was born in a poor family. 

At the age of fifteen, Lu Chen was admitted to the  National Military Academy and at the age of twenty-two, she had already become the youngest major general in the empire.

The last major general to win the title of ‘Imperial Knight’ was the famous national hero, Marshal Derek, and that too hundreds of years ago.

Marshal Derek had long passed away, and today only Major General Lu Chen was the only one who was awarded the title of “knight”, making him the national idol.

The God of War didn’t seem to be an exaggeration to describe him.

The year that Lu Chen was honored with the title of ‘Imperial Knight’, he announced his marriage to Gu Yu, shocking the entire empire.

Who was Gu Yu?!

On the day when Lu Chen announced his marriage partner, the zergs on the streets of the Empire were asking the same question to each other.

Gu Yu, a male son of a downturned noble family, his male and female father had already died one after another. There was only one female elder brother in the family.

Before marrying Major General Lu Chen, the majority of the zerg people in the empire didn’t know him.

And after marrying Lu Chen, Gu Yu instantly became famous in the empire.

Not only the gossip news channel, but even the headlines of the “Empire Star” newspaper had posted the wedding photos of two of them.

Reporters from various channels had taken great effort to gather all news related to Gu Yu. 

From the news like till which age he had last wet the bed to the news about how long his first female boyfriend lasted.

Then, all the zerg females suddenly found out that not only this male was handsome, but also he was an unprecedented s-level zerg!!!

The empire had seen a few s-class females in the past hundred years, but not a single s-class male zerg was found.

The level of females could evolve with the combination with high-level males, but males couldn’t. 

This shows what an s-class male zerg meant to the empire.

An s-class male zerg?! 

It was like the empire had finally found the treasure!!

And such a high-level male was hidden in the society, if it hadn’t been for Major General Lu Chen’s wedding, the zerg wouldn’t even know that their empire had produced an s-class male zerg.

If this was an ancient time, the state would have long ago married s-class males with many females, to contribute to the evolution of females’ genes and help in the reproduction of the zerg population.

But now in modern times, after the “Male Insect Rights Treaty” provided Gu Yu with some relief.

For example, let an s-class male zerg get married before the age of twenty and fulfill their obligation of reproduction, otherwise, the empire would implement the mandatory marriage act.

Because of this, various conspiracy theories also emerged on the Internet.

Many guessed that Gu Yu agreed to marry Major General Lu Chen to avoid the forced marriage. 

And Major General Lu Chen married the male zerg because he knew the high genetic level of the male zerg in advance.

Even regardless of Gu Yu’s high genetic level that would make any insects greedy, just showing his handsome face was enough to fascinate many females.

He had long white hair that looked like pale moonlight, lazily tied into a loose ponytail —because Gu Yu was too lazy to cut his hair.

His tall nose and beautifully shaped red lips, made him look very beautiful.

There were also those lazy pale-grey eyes, like a pool full of a mist of melancholy and affection. 

All in all, after looking at his pictures, many females couldn’t help but say – I want to marry him! 

But at the same time looking at the military might and heavy honor of Major General Lu would throw the light of reality on their dreams.

Want to be the female of my male husband?! First, try to pass my level.

But there were still some females who thought, no matter how good Lu Chen was on the outside, didn’t she have to still listen to her male lord in the end?!

So, as long as the male lord wanted to marry a female concubine, who could object to it?!

With this thinking, countless female zerg waited to have a romantic encounter with Gu Yu but this male zerg was so lazy that he didn’t like to go out.

One day, two days…after a month later, when no one saw Gu Yu going out, these people started to think that it was again a conspiracy.

Could the male lord be illegally imprisoned by the Major General?! 

Receiving many reports related to the disappearance of Gu Yu after marrying Major General Lu Chen, the ‘The Male Zerg Conservation Association’, which had been protecting the s-class males for hundreds of years, came to Major General Lu Chen’s door and knocked on it.


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