MWFSHF: Chapter-5


Just a few days back, the commander of the Fifth Imperial Army, Major General Lu Chen, had triumphed from the border. 

After clearing the border, he was immediately transferred to small planet City X to suppress the rebellion.

Gu Yu, who was living happily at home, received Lu Chen’s itinerary a few days ago.

Apart from feeling dissatisfied that his wife would come back a few days later, Gu Yu didn’t feel any worries in his heart.

In his eyes, there was no doubt about who would win this counter-insurgency. He had full belief in Lu Chen’s indestructible fighting power.

How could the invincible imperial knight who had won the border lose in a small planetary insurrection??

Gu Yu was so confident of Lu Chen’s victory that when he heard the news of the mishap, he couldn’t believe it at all. 

But Liu Zhen couldn’t make such an absurd joke with him…

He didn’t sleep well in the afternoon, so maybe because of the lack of sleep, he was hallucinating.

Hearing the tragic news, Gu Yu felt a little hypoxic at first, and then his vision darkened.

He suddenly fell back on the couch.

Seeing that, Liu Zhen hastily said, “Master Gu, don’t get excited!! Major General is fine now, his situation has stabilized…”

The Chubby housekeeper robot also noticed that his master’s emotions were wrong, so it walked near the master and tentatively touched Gu Yu’s trousers.

Gu Yu, who was lying on his back, was still feeling a little dazed. His mind was feeling a sense of being at loss.

On the other side of the call, Adjutant Liu Zhen was still trying to comfort Gu Yu.

But suddenly Gu Yu stood up again, and with firm eyes, he said, “I want to see him now!”

Liu Zhen felt stupid, but still,he hastily asked, “Are you coming here? Right now?? Wait!!”

Before Gu Yu could answer, Liu Zhen hurriedly continued, “Master Gu, have you forgotten that males can’t enter the battlefield?? You just have to wait, Major General is going to be transferred back to Capital Hospital in a few days. Then you can meet…”

Stopping Liu Zhen’s babbling, Gu Yu once again firmly said, “I am going to see him now. Right now.”

“Master Gu, the military department will not agree. You can’t come…”

“No. They can’t stop me.”

Gu Yu’s tone was hard and firm, which couldn’t be ignored.

“I am the Master of Major General Lu Chen, and I have the right to visit my female princess.”

The zerg society wasn’t the same as the other races.

In Zerg society, Zergs were divided into males and females by sex. Further, Females were divided into general females and sub-females, and both of them were capable of giving birth to children. 

It was just that the females of the zerg race were generally stronger and more in number than the sub-females who were petite and in a small number.

And compared to the number of sub-females, the number of males was even smaller.

The sex ratio of males in Zerg’s population was extremely low, resulting in a serious imbalance in male-female societal role in Zerg’s society over many years.

So, every male was treated like a treasure in the Zerg society. Society gave them full respect and preferential treatment.

The females would instinctively obey the male zerg, both physically and psychologically.

Therefore, Zerg’s society practiced the system of one male and multiple female partners.

In addition to marrying a female prince, the male could also take in many female servants to serve him.

Almost all the divisions of labor in society were filled with females while the males were only responsible for lying at home and looking beautiful while enjoying the care of those females.

— In simple words, eating soft rice.

Of course, after years of boredom, those male zerg couldn’t obediently stay at home, so they had explored endless ways to have fun, like creating a club exclusive for males with numerous female servants serving them.

And lazy male zergs like Gu Yu who still didn’t want to get out of the door and meet the society were termed as the real soft rice bugs in the eyes of those orthodox male zergs.

But fortunately, Gu Yu’s soft rice bowl was very safe and hard. His wife Lu Chen, was a legend in the Zerg society.



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