MWFSHF: Chapter-4



Charles asked one of the sub-female, “All right, you should send this zerg down first for bandaging.”

The sub-female who was injured suppressed her cry, and stood up with the help of the other worm while covering her wound. 


Before going out, she carefully looked at the male zerg in the video. 

The male zerg had long white hair, with dazzling gray eyes, he looked as handsome as a person who had walked out of a storybook.

After taking a quick look, the sub-female hurriedly lowered her head. She didn’t dare to take another look, but she firmly remembered the appearance of the male zerg named Gu Yu in her heart.


Charles still tried to persuade Gu Yu to come to the club.

“Don’t  just sleep at home, you are too lazy…”


But before Charles could finish his words, Gu Yu hung up the call.


“Gu Yu, you are good. Next time don’t come to find your Grandpa again to play online games!”

The more Charles thought about it, the more he couldn’t help but curse at Gu Yu. 

“Dear Master! Good afternoon, it is exactly a sunny afternoon on April 12, 015 in the insect calendar. Your lunch break has ended. Are you going to start the new game now?” The Light Brain spoke in its mechanical voice.

Gu Yu decided to play a game, but when he tried to stand up from the recliner, he fell back.

He once again tried to sit up only to fall back again, so he gave up his plan to sit up and play games, and decided to play games while lying down.  

Gu Yu sighed and found an excuse to lie down and play.

“This is the mistake of that grandson, Charles, who made me feel dizzy. He didn’t let me sleep well during my lunch break.”

Light Brain, “…”

Listening to those words, a sneer of “Hehe” came from the floor.

A chubby round ball was cleaning the floor, while tripping from time to time on the pebbled path of the garden, but was still struggling to tirelessly clean the floor.

This sound of “Hehe” came from it. 

Such a hardworking housekeeper was a stark contrast to the male owner who was lazily lying down on the recliner.

The Light Barin was opening the holographic game for the master, and Gu Yu said lazily waiting for it.

“Chubby, can you come and help me tie up my hair? It seems to be pressing under my head and hurting my scalp.”

The round chubby housekeeper who was still cleaning the ground, conveyed his love to help his master and said, “Dear master, if I were as tall as you, I would be very willing to help you.”

To prevent the male zerg from dying from laziness at home, the female master didn’t buy a tall housekeeper.

“But I have a suggestion,” The Chubby housekeeper slowly said, “If you move a little and remove the hair from under your head, it won’t hurt.” 

Gu Yu lazily said, “I am feeling dizzy, I can’t get up.”

The Chubby housekeeper was already familiar with the virtues of its owner, so it calmly said,  “Ohh, then you will continue to hurt.”

After speaking, the Chubby housekeeper continued to stumble while diligently cleaning the floor.

Gu Yu didn’t move while consoling himself that he would get used to the pain. Besides, once he became fascinated by playing games, who would have the time to pay attention to those small details. 

But as soon as he logged in the game, another communication request popped up.

Gu Yu became completely impatient.

“I am busy right now. I have made an appointment to fight with other zergs. Who is looking for me at this time?? Charles, it shouldn’t be you again…”

The Light Brain reminded him in time.

“It is Adjutant Liu Zhen’s call, your female’s subordinate.”

Gu Yu subconsciously felt that something was wrong, so he quickly opened the communication channel.

As soon as he opened it, the anxious face of Liu Zhen came up on the big screen.

“Master Gu, it’s not good!! Major General, he, he…”

Gu Yu’s eyelids twitched, he hurriedly asked,  “What’s the matter??”

Liu Zhen anxiously explained, “Major General, he had an accident!! He lost control on the battlefield and was injured. Now he has been sent to the military hospital…”

“He is out of danger, but you may have to be psychologically prepared. Major General may, he may…”

Gu Yu’s breathing became stagnant, “What? What is the possibility??”

Liu Zhen didn’t speak for a while after that “maybe”. For the first time, Gu Yu was disgusted by someone talking so slow.

“You have something to say, say it quickly! What’s wrong with him?!”

Liu Zhen gasped, and slowly said, “Major General, Major General might never stand up again!”

Gu Yu hurriedly stood up from the recliner.

The Chubby housekeeper looked up in shock, was this a “medical miracle”. 

Did the owner secretly get treated for his late-stage lazy cancer?

Liu Zhen lowered his voice again, and said, “The military doctor had said that Major General Lu Chen’s legs are paralyzed, and it might never recover.”



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