MWFSHF: Chapter-3


The brown-haired zerg mocked the red-haired zerg again and said, “Gu Yu didn’t even dare to attend the monthly gathering of the male worms.”

The brown-haired zerg smirked and added, “Maybe, he is really afraid of his female-general, and he only knows how to eat soft rice…”

As Yi Zheng was passionately speaking, his hands accidentally ran into the sub-female who was serving him grapes. Because of which the grapes were knocked down, and a purple watermark formed on his white suit.

“What are you doing?!!” Yi Zheng’s annoyed voice rang.

The sub-female became frightened, and she knelt.

“Master, I….I didn’t mean it…I…”

“You don’t mean it. It means this is not your fault, is it mine?!”

Because of waiting for Gu Yu for such a long time, Yi Zheng was already very furious, and hearing that this low-level sub-female dared to defend herself in front of him, he was seething.

He fiercely grabbed her hair, although the sub-females weren’t as strong as the normal females, they still had the strength to break away from the male zergs.

“Can you be quiet?” Charles glared at Yi Zheng and complained, “I am connecting a video communication with Gu Yu…ohh, it’s connected!!”

But Yi Zheng didn’t stop, he frowned and kept venting his temper. He pulled back the hair of the sub-female and slammed his head into the corner of the glass table. 

The sub-female screamed, and instantly the blood flowed out from his wound.

The other sub-females saw it and turned their heads, they couldn’t bear to look at it, but none of them came forward to help.

“Ahh! Gu Yu, you finally picked it!” Charles’ surprised voice rang.

The video communication on the other side was dark, only a deep yet low voice suppressing an impatience could be heard, like a stormy yet quiet tone.

“Quickly speak, otherwise let go and don’t waste my time…”

The male zerg’s voice was characteristically very lazy. It seemed like he wanted to save effort, and sounded even lazier.

Charles was surprised.

“Gu Yu, you have eaten gunpowder today?”

Yi Zheng sneered and said, “Listen to his voice, isn’t the shame of all of our male zerg still taking a nap?”

Charles’s heart trembled, this was Gu Yu’s routine nap time.

Only after hearing a “hehe” from the opposite side, Charles knew that Gu Yu would hang up if he didn’t speak quickly.

So Charles hurriedly tried to convince Gu Yu.

“Don’t hang up! I wanted to ask you something. Didn’t I make an appointment for today’s with you when I was playing games with you last week? And you promised to come to the party today!”

There was a short silence on the other end of the video, and then the camera was turned around, finally revealing Gu Yu’s just awakened face. His long white hair was draped in a mess, and his expression looked like someone owed him money.

“Who made an appointment with you for today?”

Gu Yu slumped on the garden’s sofa, and the afternoon sun reflected on his white hair making it look very bright. Even with such a bad expression, it was undeniable that this zerg had the capital to fascinate many.

“Playing games?” Gu Yu frowned and said, “It was like 800 years ago, who remembers it.”

Gu Yu didn’t remember, maybe he had promised it at that time casually while playing the game, so it was good he wouldn’t admit it.

Charles’s face blushed with excitement and his angered voice rang.

“What? You don’t remember it?!”

Gu Yu hurriedly lowered the volume of the communication, and lightly said, “Why are you speaking so loudly? It’s just a party, I won’t go.”

Charles hated that the iron was not steel and said, “Your female princess has gone to the battlefield. Why are you still at home? Waiting to get moldy?! Do you know what the other male zerg in the circle says about you…”

Of course, Gu Yu knew what others said about him. It was just, it didn’t bother him but he couldn’t bear Charles rambling like his father in his ear all day long.

“Aren’t we all eating soft rice? What is interesting about knowing who is first and second? My female always says that I am naive, but you all are more naive than me.” Gu Yu yawned and spoke.

Yi Zheng sneered.

“What was that sound?” Gu Yu asked in a puzzled tone.

Yi Zheng cleared his throat, thinking that finally Gu Yu noticed that there was another zerg here, but before he could speak, he heard Gu Yu’s voice asking, “Who is crying there?”

Charles was amazed, he didn’t notice the crying voice first, but after looking up, he saw a sub-female was sitting in the corner clutching his bleeding head and sobbing depressedly.

Yi Zheng hummed and said, “It is just a sub-female who made a mistake. Why are you still crying? Close your mouth?! Only knowing how to pretend that such a small injury has harmed you? Useless thing!!!”

From the other end, Gu Yu cursed in a low voice.

“The noise is upsetting me. Charles, your damn communication is always buzzing.”

“Can you first send that sub-female to the clinic? And, which bad dog was barking just now??”

At first, Charles didn’t react, he even took a serious glance at Yi Zheng, and was about to ask if Gu Yu’s ears had a problem while sleeping. 

But, suddenly he realized that Gu Yu was cursing Yi Zheng. 

After understanding, Charles chuckled. And Yi Zheng’s face turned black like the bottom of a burnt pot.


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1 year ago

Thank you for introducing this novel.

I’ve read the raws, and certainly like how the story span.

Pls do remove the mpreg tag.

1 year ago

I can’t to see all the fluff and the MC being amazing when he has to take over as the head of the house. The male lead is still the top though right?