MWFSHF: Chapter-26


Gu Yu had already put the meal outside, but it took a long time for Lu Chen to come out. 

After waiting for a while, he quickly followed in.

Lu Chen saw the male zerg hurry in, but stopped at the door of the kitchen when he saw his appearance.

Lu Chen looked at him through the glass.

The shredded black hair covered his dark eyes and only showed a little gloom.

Gu Yu also looked at him through the glass without turning his eyes away.

Seeing Lu Chen like this, his heart seemed to be blocked, and the warm light in the room seemed to be unable to stop the gloomy weather outside the window. 

Gu Yu had a hunch that if Lu Chen continued like this, he might explode one day and gradually they would separate from each other.

He felt uncomfortable looking at such a distressed Lu Chen. Also felt uncomfortable with his helpless self.

When two zergs got along there were always some problems. But for a better relationship, they have to find the problem, and then solve it before it could hamper their relationship. 

But the key was whether one zerg was willing to expose the problem, and the other zerg was willing to solve the problem.

Gu Yu had always felt that keeping a zerg was very tiring. 

When his father and mother died of illness, he couldn’t stop. When Gu Xi left, he couldn’t stop.

Because he knew that every zerg lived independently and was responsible for every decision they made.

Even if the blood relatives would leave, how could…

But Lu Chen…

It took him five years to keep this name in his heart.

He could leave all the enthusiasm, and freshness of his heart…all to Lu Chen.

As for other zergs? He was tired.

His heart was very small, and he could only place a single zerg.

Gu Yu slowly stepped forward and hugged Lu Chen who was sitting behind him.

There was no excitement or sadness in his voice. He just looked at the glass and quietly said, “Tomorrow, I will learn how to cook, okay??”

“…You do it for a day, and I do it for the next day. We will take turns, just like rubbing our stomachs after a meal, right?”

Hearing this, Lu Chen slowly raised his head and moved his eyes from the glass to his male lord.

His pupils were always deep and quiet. No matter how he directed the zergs outside, he always quietly listened when facing Gu Yu.

In front of Gu Yu, his posture was always low to the dust, and deeply affectionate.

Gu Yu softly said, “The work is the same too.”

“Earlier you used to support the family, now it’s my time. Shall we take turns supporting the family, Lu Chen?”

Lu Chen didn’t speak for a long time.

He subconsciously wanted to think about the result this promise would bring once he agreed.

Whether it would be beneficial to both of them or not. But Lu Chen also knew that it would be better to follow his heart.

Lu Chen’s dark eyes gradually melted away, and he looked at Gu Yu, with an outrageously gentle look.

“You really can’t help it.” Lu Chen stretched out his hand.

Gu Yu immediately lowered his head and sent his head to him, letting him rub the soft white hair.

In front of Gu Yu, Lu Chen retreated a step. 

But Lu Chen was still the same Lu Chen, and he didn’t easily sink under the male lord’s sweet words.

“You can go find a job, just give it a try. If you are tired, don’t force it, okay?”

Seeing that he was willing to give in, Gu Yu immediately became satisfied, and obediently promised, “I won’t force it.”

“As for cooking…” Lu Chen’s eyes pursed with a smile, “As long as you don’t blow up the kitchen, you can cook.”

Gu Yu bowed his head and kissed the female zerg’s forehead. It was not enough, so he kissed his cheeks, rubbed Lu Chen’s nose, and said, “See my cooking skills? I will show you, it will definitely not blow up the kitchen.”

At most, the kitchen would be burned, Gu Yu silently added in his heart.

He also knew that it might take a long time for Lu Chen to pass this hurdle but no matter how long it takes, he would stay with him.

Gu Yu also said this to himself in his heart. 

To marry other female zergs?!


(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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