MWFSHF: Chapter-25


Lu Chen thought that looking for a job was probably just a little quirk or a bit of fun the male lord wanted in his life.

After a few days, he would definitely feel tired.

So Lu Chen went with him and let him go around the house to find the violin he used in college.

As a result, the stuff that hadn’t been used for many years was covered in thick dust. But thankfully, after cleaning it, the sound was still accurate.

By looking at the somewhat new violin, it could also be seen how many times Gu Yu used it that year.

Gu Yu casually pulled out a set of music scores from the light brain, took the violin, and placed it on his shoulder.

The set of movements was so smooth and flowing, at first glance, it looked like the elegant and calm posture of the nobleman.

Just as he was about to play, there was a sudden “click” in the kitchen.

Hearing the sound, Gu Yu was taken aback. 

Without caring about putting the violin down, he hurried into the kitchen to see the situation.

“Lu Chen, what’s the matter?!”

In the kitchen, Lu Chen was sitting in a wheelchair, bending over to pick up the broken porcelain on the ground. 

Seeing the male zerg coming, his expressionless face finally showed a little panic, “Master, it’s okay. It’s just that I broke a plate…”

Gu Yu squatted down, directly put the violin on the ground next to him, grabbed Lu Chen’s legs, and started checking. 

After checking a few times, he was relieved. Fortunately, Lu Chen was not injured.

Lu Chen lowered his thin eyelids and carefully promised, “It won’t happen next time. This time it was just an accident. I wasn’t so careless before…”


Gu Yu put his index finger on Lu Chen’s lips, interrupting his words, and said, “I know, it’s just a broken plate. It’s okay.”

The kitchen table could be raised and lowered and had long been adjusted to the height suitable for Lu Chen.

The dishes were already prepared, and it seems that Lu Chen accidentally put the plate at the end.

Gu Yu swept the porcelain pieces from the floor into the trash can brought by Chubby who came after hearing the sound.

After rolling up his sleeves, Gu Yu washed his hands and took out another porcelain plate from the cupboard.

After bringing the plate, Gu Yu  motioned to Lu Chen, who had been watching him, “Wash your hands, Major General, let’s have dinner.”

He didn’t know why, since the injury, Lu Chen felt that he was becoming more and more hypocritical. 

Obviously, this kind of event was normal before, but now he couldn’t help but start to care.

In every situation, thinking about whether the male lord would ignore him or care about him in every possible way. 

Lu Chen couldn’t help but replay the male zerg’s every reaction in his mind over and over again, delving into his dark and wild thoughts.

After Lu Chen watched Gu Yu go out carrying the plate. He closed his deep eyes and sighed inaudibly.

Lu Chen had seen many injured retired female zergs before. Some of them were half paralyzed like him, and some were worse than him, with only one limb left.

No matter how comforting the surrounding zergs were, they always looked gloomy, their faces were gray, and they couldn’t have any interest in life no matter what.

Those wounded retired army zergs’ bodies were still alive but their hearts had already died on the battlefield.

They gradually lose touch with society and start to not believe in the zergs around them. 

Their minds were filled with self-doubt and self-rejection. Lu Chen actually didn’t like living with that kind of mindset. 

He had been fighting all his life, climbing out of the mud to where he was now. So, even if it was his turn to be paralyzed, he wanted to live as hard as he did when his legs were intact.

But in the end, it seemed…

Lu Chen closed his dark eyes and stayed in the kitchen without moving. After a while, when he opened his eyes, he saw his reflection in the glass window.

His face, his chest, and his…legs all were reflected on the glass window.

What was reflected was a man who was sitting in a wheelchair, unable to move himself, someone unable to take care of himself.

He already knew about his retirement from the military. 

Even if he didn’t want to admit it, Lu Chen still had to admit that all his desperate fight in the first half of his life, had now because of an injury, turned into an absurd bubble.

Destiny was so cruel.

One defeat could erase countless past victories.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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