MWFSHF: Chapter-23


After the zergs from the Male Zerg Conservation Association left, it started to rain outside.

Lu Chen slowly rolled up his sleeves and lightly said, “I am cooking today, okay?”

Hearing it, Gu Yu was stunned. He was a little hesitant, “You don’t like the food made by kitchen robots?”

Lu Chen was noncommittal, he looked at Gu Yu and said, “Don’t you like the spicy pork ribs made by me the most? I didn’t have time to make it for you before, and now I happened to be at home.”

After speaking, without waiting for Gu Yu’s reaction, Lu Chen used his optical brain to operate the wheelchair to move near the sofa. 

With the wheelchair facing him, Lu Chen supported his body with both sides and moved his lower body to the wheelchair.

Gu Yu hurriedly said, “Don’t move, I will hold you up.”

“Don’t move, I can do it myself…”, Lu Chen said.

Gu Yu paused.

Only Lu Chen’s legs were paralyzed, but his muscle strength was still far above the level of ordinary military zergs.

Using both his hands to support all the weight of his lower body, except for a few fallen strands of the meticulous hair on his head, not even his breathing was uneven. 

Lu Chen’s complexion was indifferent and as relaxed as when his legs were intact.

Gu Yu’s feet were stuck there, neither stepping forward nor backing away, just looking at Lu Chen’s movement nervously.

Sure enough, the situation still happened. 

Lu Chen’s movement was smooth, but due to force the wheelchair slightly slid back when he touched it. 

The more Lu Chen wanted to get closer, the farther it slid.

Gu Yu stepped forward to support the wheelchair, but after thinking for a while, he stopped.

Lu Chen looked up, his dark pupils were staring at him, “I can. I can do it myself, my lord.”

Gu Yu quickly nodded, “I believe you can. I am still waiting for you to cook for me.”

Lu Chen finally smiled a very faint smile.

Lu Chen’s emotions were rarely exposed, and only a few zergs have ever seen him show any emotion or a smile.

Lu Chen pulled back his wheelchair and suddenly realized, “Did I forget to turn on the foot brake?”

Gu Yu also didn’t understand anything about wheelchairs. 

It was the first time he came into contact with a wheelchair, “Does the wheelchair have a foot brake?”

Sure enough, after Lu Chen manipulated the optical brain, the wheelchair was completely fixed, and as Lu Chen moved himself up, it did not move too much.

Seeing this, Gu Yu squatted down and studied the wheels carefully.

“It really has a foot brake!”

Lu Chen knocked on the wheelchair side’s support and said, “I can directly control it from here.”

Gu Yu looked up, and the two looked at each other, and couldn’t help but laugh.

After working hard for such a long time, they even forget about the brakes.

Gu Yu asked again, “In addition to running on the ground, can it also fly like a flying car?”

Gu Yu was a real fan of technology. He was even excited about something like a wheelchair and started to simply discuss it.

Lu Chen groaned, “The one I bought doesn’t work, but there seems to be a flying one on the official website.”

Gu Yu wanted to say let’s buy one and try it, but suddenly realized, “Is the flying one expensive?”

In the past, when he saw things, he never looked at the price, just ordered them when he wanted to buy them.

But since Lu Chen told him that there was no money at home, he now subconsciously pondered the price of everything.

Lu Chen was dumb for a moment, remembering the setting that he had almost forgotten he slightly nodded, “It should be…very expensive.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

For ordinary zergs, it must be very expensive. Even the smart wheelchair he was sitting in was a sky-high price for ordinary zergs.


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