MWFSHF: Chapter-22


Gu Yu actually didn’t understand why some zergs like to shout when they get angry.

Gu Yu felt that he would never yell so loudly even if he was angry, it would make him tired. 

No, he wouldn’t get angry at all, that kind of intense emotion was very tiring.

Brian watched Gu Yu, who was still distracted, with a look of a dead pig not afraid of boiling hot pot, and regardless of his image even in presence of a few other zergs, he started yelling at Gu Yu again.

After splashing saliva for more than twenty minutes, Brian stopped and drank a cup of tea.

He was drinking tea with a big mouthful, completely devoid of the previous old aristocratic demeanor.

In these twenty minutes of roar, he tried to convey to Gu Yu that he was not only a noble but also a male zerg. 

Why would he need to come out to work??

Brian came here to care about Gu Yu completely out of his care for zerg society and the ardent teaching of the elders to the young ones. 

Gu Yu said that he was working. This was not only an insult to him, but also an insult to a few female zergs in his family.

In the Zerg family, saying that a male zerg came out to work, and its effect was exactly the same as insulting all the female zergs in his house. It was claiming that they were all useless. 

Lu Chen quietly listened to Brian’s teaching with his eyes down, but Gu Yu was too lazy to listen to this nonsense and was even lazier to refute him.

After training them, Brian drank tea, then only he could calm down a bit. 

When he glanced at Gu Yu, he found he was busy playing with Lu Chen’s hands.

“What you just said, are you serious about it?” Brian asked.

As Gu Yu’s ear received useful information, he reacted. 

He turned his head and replied, “Serious. And let’s just first say that if I get a job, neither you nor the Male Zerg Conservation Association can force me to marry any more female zergs.”

Brian sneered, “You have a good calculation.”

Gu Yu raised an eyebrow and asked, “So you dare not?”

These words aroused Brian’s bloodiness as a male zerg. Who said that old male zergs couldn’t be bloody?

The benefit of being old was being a little more calculating than the young male zergs.

Brian’s promised but added a  condition, “I agree but within a month, if you can’t find a job, you must obediently listen to our suggestions and marry a female zerg.”

He was afraid that Gu Yu would take advantage of it, so he added another condition, “And you can’t find a job in the Male Zerg Conservation Association, we won’t accept you here.”

Gu Yu didn’t care about the additional condition, and continued to stab him, “So, do you concede that serving in the Male Zerg Protection Association is also a job??”

Brian, “…”

Sure enough, when you decide to talk to someone like Gu Yu, you must always be prepared to be stunned by him.

Hearing it, Brian was so angry that he had to cover his old and fragile heart, and was helped out by the female zerg officers. 

When leading them away, Brian threw the pile of marriage lists on the coffee table.

After finally coping with the old man, Gu Yu sighed comfortably and was about to lean back and lay comfortably on his major general’s lap.

But Lu Chen straightened up slightly and took the stack of lists over.

Alarm bells immediately rang in Gu Yu’s head.

Lu Chen felt his dangerous eyes, paused, and slowly said, “I will just take a look.”

Ohh…I will believe it?!

Gu Yu immediately was in no mood to be lazy, he didn’t even feel any pain in his waist or leg.

He instantly snatched the pile of lists from Lu Chen, and quickly slipped off the sofa while putting on his slippers, “Deng…Deng…Deng” ran to the corner of the living room, and threw the large pile of paper into the garbage decomposition bin.

After that, he turned his head, showing a very cold and ruthless expression to Lu Chen, and in an extremely cold voice asked, “I did this, do you have any comment?”

Lu Chen, “…”

Lu Chen blankly shook his head, “No comment. What do you want to eat for lunch today?”

Gu Yu’s expression became obedient in a second, “Something sweet and sour, if my portion is a bit spicy, it would be even better.”

Gu Yu only ate a light meal with Lu Chen yesterday, and now he was craving something with strong flavors.


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