MWFSHF: Chapter-21


Brian only talked to Gu Yu, on the one hand, he felt that the master of the house should be the male lord, on the other hand, it was because he didn’t have much, cough, courage to talk to Lu Chen.

But if you decide to talk to a person like Gu Yu, then you must be prepared to be stunned by him as always.

“I refuse.” 

Gu Yu had no intention of accepting the large stack of paper. He lazily leaned back towards Lu Chen, as if showing him with action that he didn’t want to listen to him.

Brian wasn’t surprised.

After all, since the wedding between the s-class male zerg and Major General Lu Chen that shocked the entire zerg society five years ago, he had been responsible for the regular home visits of this family. 

And he had heard and seen such behaviors many times in the past five years.

But the new female assistant behind him was very surprised when she heard the handsome white-haired male zerg declining the proposal without any hesitation.

“Master Gu, you are still too young to understand your current situation…” 

Brian sighed and explained, “The purpose of our Male Zerg Conservation Association is to show the way of living to young males like you, so they don’t go astray in the future.”

“After your father passed away, your elder brother Gu Xi inherited the earl’s title, and all the family properties were married with him, belonging to his male lord.”

“Your rejection was okay before, after all, at that time Major General Lu hadn’t had an accident. But now, you have to carefully think about it…

“Not only for yourself but also for your family.”

“Don’t be presumptuous, the other males of the zerg society live like this. For a male zerg, marrying a few females is always profitable and harmless.”

Hearing the long talk, Gu Yu, who was collapsed on the sofa, sighed.

Every time Brian came to his house, he would always say something similar to “It is for his own good”, and after so many times, Gu Yu was tired of him. 

Why are there still male zergs like Brian working in this world?

Wait..Working in this world??

Gu Yu was stunned by this wonderful thought that suddenly popped out of his mind.


Yeah, if Brian could go out to work, why couldn’t he?

This idea was like the seedlings that had finally sprouted after the cold harsh winter, could no longer be restrained once they were unearthed, growing like crazy.

Brian was still sighing and persuading Gu Yu.

“It is not that we are forcing you to marry, it is just that you only have one female in your family. And now that something has gone wrong with him, you should naturally marry a few more to guarantee…”

“Or I can go out to work.” Gu Yu interrupted him and quickly sat up straight.

Hearing it, Brian’s words stuck in his throat. After a while, he asked, “What? What did you say??”

The female zerg behind Gu Yu also opened his eyes wide, and felt that he had misheard him.

Lu Chen narrowed the corners of his eyes and stared blankly at the male zerg in front of him.

But Gu Yu, who stirred up the storm, looked around and casually said, “I said I want to go out to work. Why do you all have this kind of expression??”

“I will support the family. Yes, I have to work hard to support my family.”

Gu Yu straightened his back and sat more upright. He was going out to support his family.

Brian couldn’t be blamed that he didn’t believe it at all, he asked again, “Just you?? Gu Yu?!”

Gu Yu saw a look of “you are telling a joke” and “if you can do it, I will call you, my father”, and his face became cold.

“Aren’t you also working?? Why can’t I work?!”

If Brian was only shocked earlier, but this time Gu Yu’s words have completely hit his anger point.

“What job?!”

Brian tried to keep his tone within the range of aristocratic demeanor, but it was still several times louder than before, “You actually said I am working??!”

Brian’s voice suddenly roared, and the female zergs behind him were startled.

“You are insulting me, Gu Yu!”

Brian angrily stood up from the sofa, and patted the table again, blushing in anger he said, “You think I’m working?? Do you think I am like you, with no females at home?!”


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