MWFSHF: Chapter-20


At that time, the little newborn Gu Yu, who didn’t bother to open his eyelids, fortunately, escaped from being forced to be a “prince of the princess”.

Back then, Brian also vying to embrace the newborn Gu Yu.

Now, Gu Yu was an adult, and Brian had also become the vice president of the Male Zerg Protection Association.

It was indispensable to not care about this s-class male zerg who had been hugged by him.

The interesting thing about this old male zerg, Brian, was that he was extremely pedantic and was very enthusiastic about the male zerg.

If he was not enthusiastic, he would have happily eaten the soft rice and did not run out of his house to become the vice president of the Male Zerg Protection Association.

In Gu Yu’s lazy eyes, the Male Insect Zerg Association was the most trivial thing in the empire. 

However, Brian firmly believed that nothing about male zergs were trivial.

The purpose of the Male Zerg Conservation Association’s visit this time was very easy to guess.

Everyone in the capital star knew that Lu Chen’s legs were paralyzed, and they came to this house to investigate whether Lu Chen could support male zerg or not.

After all, this family was the only family with one male and one female zerg in the entire Zerg clan and had the “key attention” of the Male Zerg Protection Association from the very beginning.

They did not forcibly intervene before, but because Lu Chen, as the only female zerg in the family, could support his male lord.

But now, the situation was different.

In a way, if something happened to Lu Chen, they would come faster than the doctors and reporters.

Before saying something that would make both sides deadlocked, Brian tried to make a few polite remarks as usual. 

Among the male zergs, Brian was considered polite and gentle.

“Master Gu, we are deeply sorry for your misfortune.”

Brian had already chatted with Lu Chen in a bit of embarrassment before, but when the male zerg came, he still had to re-express their condolences.

Gu Yu was noncommittal. He didn’t know what their purpose was.

Gu Yu casually drank the nutrient solution and threw the cup directly to Chubby.

After taking off his slippers, he lay cross-legged beside Lu Chen, and slowly played with his wife’s fingers.

Brian was also a zerg who was accustomed to home visits and had long been accustomed to him like this.

Sure enough, Bryan only glanced at Lu Chen, and his eyes directly fell on his legs.

“But presumably the male and female zerg both know, so we have to look forward in life.”

Gu Yu raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “So what??”

Bryan looked back at Gu Yu and bitterly said, “Master Gu is still young, and he still has a long life to live. As your elder, I naturally can’t bear to see you suffer in the future…”

“Now that something has happened to your female partner, for the sake of your happiness in the future, our male zerg association unanimously recommends that you marry a few more wealthy and powerful female servants or female slaves. So, they can take care of you.”

“These are the list of females who came here to sign up as soon as we released the news. We have selected a few out of them.

“The appearances and conditions of these females are very good…”

Brian raised his chin slightly and motioned to the female zerg behind him to hand a couple of thick books to Gu Yu.

Brian did not consider avoiding Lu Shen at all. 

In Brian’s eyes, the matter of marrying a female servant was to be only decided by the male master of the family.

Although Lu Chen was the kind of female zerg that was stronger and more unpredictable than ordinary zergs.

Brian still believed that if Lu Chen really loved his male lord, he should choose to accept all of this.

Lu Chen still had no expression, his thin eyelids drooped, and his eyes closed slightly.

But he still quietly combed the long hair of the male zerg who was lazily lying near him.

In fact, Brian didn’t want to admit that sometimes he felt that Lu Chen’s expression was strange and cold.

Although all the zergs knew that his legs were paralyzed and he was about to retire, even if he sat quietly on the sofa and he still always reminded the zerg—

He was an army zerg, the commander of the Fifth Army of the Empire. He had been in the top position for a long time.

He was also the only knight in the empire. And had been the belief of countless zergs on the battlefield.


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