MWFSHF: Chapter-2


The eyes of the other army zergs in the control room widened. They could hardly blink, their eyes were stimulated by the light. Those female zergs were so frightened that they had forgotten to think about anything.

The imperial army had just arrived after fighting at the border, and their equipment had yet to be replenished. 

They had never thought a small planet would have such massive explosive weapons. The weapon looked very advanced.

A low voice suddenly sounded inside the control room. 

“Heavy Laser Cannon. I will intercept it and change its trajectory.”

The voice was very cold, it agitated Liu Zhen’s scalp making his mind clear from the effect of the shock.

“Major General!!”

Liu Zhen wanted to scold, “Damn it! Where did this group of bastards get something like this?”

He cursed heavily and quickly called up the main brain for analysis of that weapon. 

The other female zergs also started fanatically working, enduring the tears stimulated by the strong light. They quickly tapped on the console to assist in the analysis.

“Major General, I have passed the orbital analysis to you!” Liu Zhen hurriedly spoke.

“Major General, while intercepting, pay full attention.”


Even with tearful sore eyes, the zerg soldiers in the control room raised their heads to look up. 

Just like Liu Zhen, their eyes were anxious and bloodshot, staring at the silver armor with excitement.

They truly believed that Major General Lu Chen would complete this task.

For the Fifth Legion, and the entire empire, Major General Lu Chen, was the invincible faith!

There was no doubt that their Imperial Knights would succeed.

However, unexpectedly everything changed in the next second.

On the main screen of the central brain, the route analysis showed that the trajectory of Major General Lu Chen would gradually coincide with the heavy laser cannon.

In simple words, the heavy laser cannon was about to hit Major General Lu Chen!!

“Major General Lu!! What are you doing? What’s going on?!” Liu Zhen was extremely anxious looking at the trajectory.

“Something wrong with the analysis chart? Major General can’t drive ahead! Withdraw! Withdraw to the left!”

“To the left!!”

In such a situation, Lu Chen’s voice was still calm. 

“I’m trying, but…I can’t…move…”

And suddenly all the controls were lost!!


The communication with Major General Lu Chen was completely cut off, and within a second a violent collision occurred. 

The scene was as impactful as the collision between a planetary collision.

“Major General!!!” Liu Zhen yelled out from the control room.

The bright light from the collision almost lighted the night sky into a day, and the zergs on the X star looked thunderstruck.

“Major General Lu Chen!!!”

The frightened army zergs exclaimed after seeing the light of the explosion.

Capital Star, Tiffany Bar.

Today was a sunny day, and the bar was packed. Light and sound made the entire dance floor noisy.

This was the most luxurious bar in Capital Star. Even during the daytime, the upper class enjoyed the privilege of indulging in hedonism. 

If a female zerg would appear here, he may shout ‘Oh my God’ because of the suffocation.

Because in this bar alone, almost a dozen males were sitting and having fun.

The sex ratio of male to female in the entire Zerg world was extremely unbalanced. 

The male zerg could be called the rarest and most precious gem in the empire. 

And currently, in this bar, a dozen of those rare gems were sitting.

Each male zerg was surrounded by a small group of sub-females. Those males were hugging females right and left, their eyes were full of arrogance, and those sub-females were all fresh and beautiful.

Except for a dozen males, the bar was filled with those sub-females with good looks and petite bodies.

The females in the Zerg world were divided into females and sub-females. Although the number of sub-females on the planet was small, they were more likely to be loved by male zergs than those tall and robust females. The sub-females had a small size and delicate appearance which pleased male zergs more.

On the sofa, a brown-haired male zerg was sitting leisurely, shaking the wine in one hand and holding the waist of a sub-female with the other hand.

Behind the sofa, a sub-female was gently rubbing that male’s shoulders, and another sub-female sitting in the front was responsible for peeling off the grape skins and feeding those peeled grapes into that brown-haired male zerg’s mouth.

The brown-haired male zerg looked at the opposite side and jokingly said, “Charles, you told me that Gu Yu will come. Where’s he now? It’s been a long time, we haven’t seen his shadow.”

The red-haired male zerg was sitting on the opposite sofa, shaking his legs anxiously and he said, “I have said that Gu Yu will come. He has promised me!”

“Come on!!” The brown-haired male zerg snickered.

“We all know that Gu Yu can’t get out of his house. He only knows how to lie at home and eat soft rice from his female partner. He will not come.”

“Gu Yu isn’t just a male who eats soft rice!” Charles anxiously tried to argue.

“He is just lazy. I will call him again and he will surely come!”

The brown-haired zerg graciously chuckled and mockingly looked at the red-haired zerg.


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