MWFSHF: Chapter-19


Gu Yu stopped bundling his hair and hurriedly walked downstairs, poking his head carefully to see where Lu Chen was. 

As a result, he saw Brian’s wrinkled face come into his eyes first.

Gu Yu, “???”

Then he saw three female zergs who must have followed Brian, were confronting Lu Chen, who was sitting on the opposite sofa.

The wheelchair was placed next to the sofa, and Gu Yu looked at Lu Chen again, making sure that Lu Chen wasn’t hurt.

Even though Brian, the vice president of the Male Zerg Conservation Association, came to their home to give condolences, Gu Yu didn’t panic at all.

To be honest, Gu Yu didn’t bother to look at Brian and the female assistant. 

It was tiring to turn and raise his head to look at other zergs, even his eyes were tired.

So Lu Chen just looked at his pleasing major general and lazily went down the stairs.

Lu Chen was the first to see him.

“Master, you are awake.”

As Lu Chen called out, the four zergs on the opposite side also turned to look at Gu Yu.

Gu Yu lazily walked over with his hand still in his pocket, moving slowly.

He let out a soft “umm”, gave Lu Chen a reaction, and finally walked to him and sat down.

Chubby rolled down and with some difficulty, it moved to Brian’s feet and handed the guest a cup of tea.

Brian didn’t look at it, but a young female zerg behind him bent over and picked up the teacup. 

Then the female zerg respectfully handed the teacup to Brian.

Brian took it proudly and took a sip.

The set of actions was so smooth and Gu Yu, who was staring at him, felt his teeth turn sour.

Chubby came near Gu Yu and handed him the cup of nutrient solution.

Lu Chen subconsciously bent down and wanted to pick the cup for Gu Yu.

Although Gu Yu was usually lazy, he just criticized himself for not taking care of Lu Chen enough, so how dare he let the female zerg bend over for him now.

Gu Yu hurriedly held down Lu Chen’s hands and took out the cup from the housekeeping robot’s hand.

Lu Chen frowned but seeing Brian sitting on the other side, he didn’t speak.

To be honest, as far as Lu Chen was concerned, as long as his male lord took a female servant whether it was because he was paralyzed or someone’s initiative, there was no difference.

The male zerg Brian was very intriguing, both Lu Chen and Gu Yu think so.

This old aristocrat was born with high self-esteem and a pedantic mind.

Gu Yu was also of noble origin, but his family had been scattered since Gu Yu’s father and mother died. Leaving only his father and mother’s lineage, and the family’s knighthood.

Gu Yu’s grandfather recruited a son-in-law for the sake of the family, that was, Gu Yu’s male father. 

After the only female zerg in the family was settled down, the old grandfather closed his eyes and left with peace of mind.

Gu Yu’s impression of his male father was actually very shallow. In his memory, his male father usually didn’t return home, he was just hanging around with a bunch of male friends and then died in a car accident.

It could be said that Gu Yu and his brother were almost brought up without their male father. 

As growing up, Gu Yu never lacked dealing with adult male zergs.

The circle of the old aristocracy, in the current empire, was just like the embarrassed royal family, their arrogance and propriety of the aristocracy persisted outside, but their wallet was indeed shrinking day by day.

Therefore, the aristocratic zergs would like to play with the zergs in their circle. To say it nicely, they disdain to make friends with civilians and to say it directly it was to hug the thick thigh and play among themselves.

When a rare male zerg was born, the news would spread to the aristocratic families in the capital the next day.

On the afternoon of the day Gu Yu was born, he was hugged one by one by all the noble adult male zergs.

In addition to male zergs, there were of course a few high-status female zergs.

Even the queen, the most noble female zerg in the entire empire, embraced him and boasted, “This little male looks absolutely good-looking.”

“It is a pity that the female of my family has already booked a marriage, otherwise I can’t bear to let such a lovely little male go!” The queen half-joked to Gu Yu’s father and mother.

But fortunately, at that time, the crown princess already had a marriage contract. 


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