MWFSHF: Chapter-18


Lu Chen knew that what he said today might have stimulated the male zerg.

Think about his male lord who used to have a simple peaceful life and suddenly such a big change occurred. 

A little unbearable emotion was born into Lu Chen’s heart. So he didn’t refuse the gentle rub given by the male lord much.

While rubbing and rubbing, the two adult zergs rolled together.

So they missed the news report on the Imperial News that said- Lu Chen was injured and was about to retire from the military. 

Gu Yu picked up the female zerg and sprinted into their room on the second floor, and closed the door heavily.

This speed would have definitely startled Charles if he had seen it. Even the head teacher of Gu Yu’s Elementary School would have scolded him if he had seen him running so fast.

—Regarding the head teacher, it certainly had some origins.

Gu Yu’s laziness was destined from birth, he had shown a different side from other larvae since he was a child.

It was just that to bully Gu Yu, his tablemate in the Elementary School gave his name for the 100-meter sprint of the sports meeting.

The head teacher specifically asked Gu Yu if he had any problem with the arrangement. As a result, Gu Yu, who was just a slacker, was too lazy to say a word— No.

Seeing this little male zerg was so calm, the head teacher thought that Gu Yu might want to bring glory to their class.

So the head teacher pulled the whole class to the playground to cheer him on that day.

In fact, the young female zergs who were participating in the competition that day saw him look so good, and they even deliberately lowered their performances to make this young male zerg come first.

However, Gu Yu was so vain that after taking two and a half steps, he sat down on the ground and began to sigh.

Yes, just two and a half steps.

The head teacher was still confused looking at Gu Yu who was sitting in the field and asked, “Did classmate Gu twist his foot?? Quickly send a zerg to see!”

Gu Yu’s female elder brother—Gu Xi who was beside the head teacher coolly said, “Teacher, don’t worry, my brother is okay. He is just exhausted after running and resting.”

The head teacher, “???”

So just now, this grandson was tired just after taking two and a half steps.

Therefore, after this competition, seeing Gu Yu’s style and passion for the sports competition— he was pulled into the blacklist of the sports meeting for the next few years.

The next day Gu Yu got up lazily from under the covers and slowly stretched, thinking that today’s sunshine was really bright.

In fact, it was already noon. So the sunshine would definitely be bright.

Gu Yu was accustomed to scratching, every time he and Lu Chen fool around all night, it was definitely him who couldn’t get up, not Lu Chen.

The long white hair behind him was covered with the snow-white sheets, and Gu Yu had originally planned to comb his hair roughly with his fingers, but it got knotted.

Gu Yu began to struggle again thinking, which one was more laborious- to cut the long hair or grow the hair long?? 

From the perspective of long-term benefits, cutting hair was only tiring once, and keeping long hair was a long-term disaster.

But…Lu Chen seemed to like his long hair.

Did not ask about how he knew it? Even Lu Chen had an expressionless face, he knew it.

For Gu Yu, detangling the entangled hair was very tiring. So he decided to cut the mess quickly.

If you couldn’t comb it, then just not comb it. 

Gu Yu picked up the hair rope next to the cabinet and bundled his hair together to tie it up, but suddenly he realized something.

Lu Chen shouldn’t get up before him. 

How did he get out of bed?? And the wheelchair was still downstairs.

Gu Yu instantly regretted his miscalculation.

Yesterday he secretly vowed to take good care of Lu Chen and made him feel the same before he was injured.

In just a day, he habitually slept in, leaving Lu Chen alone to clean up the mess by himself.

The wheelchair must be brought by Chubby. 

But, the housekeeping robot could not help Lu Chen in getting out of bed, and helping him sit in the wheelchair, right??


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