MWFSHF: Chapter-17


The housekeeping robot even asked them, “What do the two hosts want to eat in the family meal tonight?”

The two words “two hosts” and “family” are deliberately emphasized.

Gu Yu squatted on the ground, scratching the chubby head of the housekeeping robot.

Gu Yu struggled between several meal packages.

The advanced form of slackers was that they didn’t even bother to make choices.

So Gu Yu looked up and asked Lu Chen, who was still indulged in grief because of his own imagination.

“Major General, what do you eat?? Something sweet and sour, or sweet and spicy, light or sour??”

Lu Chen, who couldn’t find a place to indulge his sad mood, “…” 

He could only silently reply, “Whatever.”

Here it comes again, the chubby housekeeping robot slandered. 

The two masters of his family do this every time they eat. One didn’t want to choose, the other one was okay with anything, and finally, none of them would make a choice.

But unexpectedly, this time Gu Yu actually made a choice.

“Then let it be light. It just happens that our major general has just been discharged from the hospital, so we can’t eat spicy food.”

The whole meal was eaten in silence, Gu Yu seemed to be tired from carrying the luggage during the day, and was immersed in eating only.

Lu Chen quietly ate the rice in his mouth one grain after the other, not knowing what he had eaten.

After dinner, according to the usual habit, if Lu Chen was at home, he would stay on the sofa to support Gu Yu, and rub his stomach to promote digestion. Because Gu Yu was too lazy to do it by himself.

But as soon as Lu Chen finished eating today, Gu Yu put down his chopsticks, and abnormally did not take the initiative to lazily lie down on the sofa, but went around the table and hugged Lu Chen, who was sitting in the wheelchair.

Oh my god! 

The chubby housekeeping robot was stunned.

Does his lazy owner actually walk after having a meal now?!

Lu Chen was also a little confused. But his face was still indifferent, and only Gu Yu, the roundworm in Lu Chen’s stomach, could see the point of his confusion.

Dazed Lu Chen looked cute in Gu Yu’s eyes. 

Before putting Lu Chen on the sofa, Gu Yu kissed his forehead again.

Gu Yu first nestled in the sofa, and then took Lu Chen into his arms.

He stretched out his small paws, and slowly rubbed Lu Chen’s stomach as Lu Chen did before.

If Lu Chen didn’t have an expressionless face, his face probably looked stunned at the moment. 

The depressing emotion from before was temporarily left behind, because of Gu Yu’s shocking behavior.

Gu Yu motioned to Light Brain to turn on the screen again, to watch today’s news on Star Network. 

Gu Yu certainly didn’t like watching this kind of boring stuff, but Lu Chen liked it.

It’s just that Lu Chen’s mind was not on the news now, and his attention was completely focused on the male zerg who was touching his stomach.

Lu Chen tried to be quiet and still, but after a while, he finally couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable all over his body. 

He tilted his head to look at his male zerg and said, “Master, this is what I should do it.”

Gu Yu looked at Lu Chen and thought for a while.

If he cared too much about Lu Chen, would he feel that he was useless and could no longer do the things he used to do and could only be taken care of by other zergs?

Thinking about Lu Chen’s character, this was very, very possible.

So Gu Yu could only say, “Then let it be like this, I will rub your stomach for you for a while, and then you will help me rub my stomach for a while??”

The sweeping robot on the floor was stunned.

When did the male master take the initiative to work??

Fortunately, Chubby pulled its attention back, saying that it was likely that they would all have to get used to it in the future.

Gu Yu felt that there was nothing wrong with his approach. 

When he first met Lu Chen, he was too lazy to take care of this female zerg, but after Lu Chen became his wife, how could not care about him? How could Lu Chen be the same as the female zergs outside?

The Chubby and the small robot thought he was lazy at home when he was really alone with Lu Chen, but the two devices couldn’t see his specific behavior.

They didn’t know how tireless Gu Yu was at certain times.

Otherwise, would it be so easy for Lu Chen to evolve from Grade A to Grade S, by just sleeping with each other?



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