MWFSHF: Chapter-16


The distance between the two was too close, they could see themselves in each other’s eyes.

Lu Chen’s pupils trembled.

He lowered his trembling eyelids, and whispered in a low voice, “Don’t make trouble.”

Gu Yu shook his head and said, “I’m not making trouble, it’s true.”

Lu Chen closed his eyes, in response.

“Lu Chen, listen to me…” Gu Yu didn’t wait for Lu Chen to escape and said everything in one breath.

“…Isn’t it just running out of money?? I don’t need those things so you can stop their future payments.”

Lu Chen shook his head.

He opened his dark eyes, but he didn’t look up to meet the male zerg’s expected gaze. 

Lu Chen lowered his eyes, made his tone still as calm as possible, and said, “When we were getting married, I have promised you that I will do my best to meet all your needs.”

“If I can’t do it then…” Lu Chen paused for a moment and added, “…you can choose to leave me.”

Gu Yu also remembered what happened when they got married and recalled that promise.

Gu Yu squatted down in front of the wheelchair and held Lu Chen’s cold hands again. 

As he squatted down, the tips of the long silver hair bundled freely behind his head also dropped on the solid wooden floor.

Lu Chen’s palm was as big and had a thin layer of calluses on it, which made it itchy to touch. That was his past and his glory.

In light and solemn tone, Gu Yu said, “My need now is to be with you. Everything else is secondary.”

Lu Chen closed his trembling eyes again. He seemed unable to finish his words while looking straight at Gu Yu.

“Male lord…you have been with me for five years and you are used to getting along with me and hate sudden changes that’s why you  dislike other zergs entering our house.”

“But after those zergs enter the door, you will gradually get used to it, just as you got used to me when I suddenly intervened in your life five years ago.”

“Like other male zergs in the empire, you will gradually accept them and learn to enjoy and appreciate the life that male zerg’s deserve.”

“In the future, one day, your children will be around your knees, smiling and pestering you to tell them stories. And the children’s female father will stand by your side, looking at you, with a happy smile on his face…”

“You will have a happy family.”

Lu Chen finally opened his deep eyes and stared at the male zerg crouching in front of him and quietly said, “You will be a good father, male lord.”

Gu Yu tightened his grip on Lu Chen’s hand, and asked, “Where are you in this future, Lu Chen??”

Lu Chen’s breathing became stagnant, and his heart ached, even his internal organs were hurting.

But he had to do it, he had to do it for his male lord. 

Don’t force him to give up his determination, it took a lot of his courage to speak till now.

Lu Chen’s eyes were deep and affectionate and had many emotions that Gu Yu couldn’t understand.

“Lord, trust me, I will not be far away from you and stay with you all the time.”

“I will look at you, and see you getting  happier day by day.”

“No!”, Gu Yu instantly shook his head, and added, “I am not happy in this future at all!”

Lu Chen paused, his thin lips opened and his mouth trembling slightly, but he endured.

Gu Yu did not let him go and continued, “This is not our home. It is full of other zergs. Why are they by my side??”

“I obviously have only you by my side, Lu Chen.”

For a while, Lu Chen’s lips trembled, but he didn’t make a sound.

Gu Yu stared at him and said, “Our home will only have you and me.”

Under the sofa, the housekeeper Chubby with another cleaning robot was cleaning the floor, and they kept bumping against Gu Yu’s trouser, trying to signal the owner to move their feet.

The housekeeping robot even poked Gu Yu’s hair tip dropped on the ground as if confirming whether this thing could be considered rubbish.

So Gu Yu paused and added, “Of course, Chubby too. It can barely be counted as a family member.”

“If it doesn’t treat my hair as rubbish.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the housekeeper Chubby hurriedly threw the tip of the lock of hair back to the ground, turned its body, and pretended that nothing had happened.


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7 months ago

That laat part with the cleaningbot was so hilarious and cute! 😂😂😂

And I’m really confused, is this a yaoi or not? I usually associate Zerg with yaoi, but when I previously went to check on NU it didn’t have that tag. And now I see “female father”? I’m confused. 😵‍💫

Thanks for the chapter.